WOW Porn Parody BoneCraft Bringing You an Erotic Fantasy

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How to make good use of a profitable title like World of Warcraft and StarCraft? Blizzard may try to make some sequels, and Hollywood will make a movie for them and... someone wants to make a porn parody for them. Here it is, BoneCraft, a porn version of WOW and StarCraft. The game's created by D-Dub Software, the same company behind the famous sex and drug-taking game BoneTown. Below is an enticing trailer for BoneCraft.

The game's announced at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo 2011 early this month. BoneCraft is a fantasy/sci-fi parody game that will appeal to both the adult gamers who have always loved BoneTown and to the legions of fans of the fantasy/sci-fi genre, who will now be able to experience what has never been possible in other games of the genre— taking the action all the way to the bedroom.

Obviously Blizzard won't like it, and hardcore WOW fans will ignore it, but those who are not belong to the 2 groups can over 18 can preorder the game on its official site...

WOW porn

WOW porn



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