Cabal Online Altar Of Siena B1f Walk-through

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  • Summary: A Walk-Through guide about the Dungeon Altar Of Siena B1F (AoS1).

Click again on the snakes head and a bunch of Monsters will spawn, defeat them all and after it click again on the head.

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Go down to hit Lazine once and go back upstairs (you can dance for a bit if you want to), go Bm2+all short buffs when the message "Lazine decreases its Defense" appears and defeat it. It could happen if you deal too less dmg that Lazine stuns one of your party mates and goes AoD for a short time period, if that's the case just dash back out and wait till the message appears again and combo the rest.

Continue and you will find another Snake Head (Omen), which will spawn the end boss so be ready.

Defeat Centrion Prideus. But don't finish the dungeon yet there is one more thing to do.

Cabal online

Secret Chest:

Go back in the tunnel between the "Old Altar" and the first Snake Head (Contaminated Waterway). You will find an Odd wall, talk to it and you will be warped in the "Secret Room" (yes it's the same room where Glutto warps you in).

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Open the Secret Chest

Now you can finally finish by clicking on the "Gem Seed" in the back of the End Boss room.

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Congratulations you just finished Altar Of Siena B1f.