Cabal Online Altar Of Siena B1f Walk-through

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  • Summary: A Walk-Through guide about the Dungeon Altar Of Siena B1F (AoS1).

Dungeon Entry Requirement:

  • Character Level 135 or above
  • Battle Style Level of 11 or above

Dungeon Entry Item:

  • Siena's Crest B1F
  • Drops in the Lake Side and higher level maps

Dungeon Location:

Mutant Forest (X: 123, Y: 97)

Cabal online

Intro Quest to "Altar of Siena B1F"

  • Quest from the Strange Merchant in Mutant Forest
  • Quest Reward: Siena's Crest B1F

On Succesful Completion

  • Gained Item: Core Cube
  • Gained Honour: 25.000

When you enter click on the Nasty Diriubra (the NPC beside the Bridge) and get your first Gem. Go on and fight the first boss Glutto.

Cabal online

Tipp: He will always try to warp the player which has the agro, when the warping message appears dash fast back on the bridge otherwise you will be warped in the secret room.