Life Skills Battle: Mabinogi Vs N.E.O Online

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Many new MMORPGS are bringing innovative ideas to the whole MMORPG genre. However, there's always the thought that after a MMORPG goes live, it will literally stop being popular when many people try it out and feel that they played it before. Anyhow, it's certainly true that when a new MMORPG adds a at least one new appealing feature, even when it has the same concept than the rest of MMORPGS, it will have some kind of hype and popularity for a while. That's why, there are some online games that are trying be a sort of different, by the addition of a new feature called 'living skills', which are a mix of real life abilities and gaming skills. This introduces a whole brand new concept of online gaming which is followed by another feature like the fact that classes or professions do not exist. Plus, these games give us the option to choose what kind of abilities and skills we want to train. Practically, after this brief introduction, it's pretty much noticeable what games are we talking about. If MABINOGI and N.E.O online came to your mind, then you weren't wrong .Being both competitors in this life skills battle, we will try to show which is better when it comes to games which offer freedom and many customization options. So, let's have a deep look into this life skills review and see which of these games, is the worth to play.

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Mabinogi: Fantasy Life

Weaving, fishing, mining, playing a music instrument, and many more actions are part of Mabinogi: FANTASY LIFE, a game which gained popularity thanks to all the options of skills customization that we could choose, and also a beast system which was surprisingly fun and challenging to get. Plus, the anime and cute graphics make the game even more popular than it already was at the moment of the official launch. So, we can say this surely looked like the big yummy piece of cheesecake everyone wanted to eat but with some disgusting flavors .And, this is meant to be a real reference to the IP restrictions that this game imposed when it was launched on March 5, 2008.

Primarily, this happened because DEVCAT which is the developer of MABINOGI LIFE and NEXON which is the company, who got the rights to publish it, stated they had contract restrictions. This meant they could only provide their service to certain areas, so when it comes to the North American version of MABINOGI, only North American gamers can play this game. Hopefully, the game is expanding to other territories like Europe, which finally got its own version a few months ago. Anyway, it's time for looking to other MABINOGI features:

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The Mabinogi Races:

In the early Mabinogi's development stages, there was only one accessible race: the Humans. As the game started to get updates, two more races were introduced: The Giants and the Elves. All these three races have their own story and specific race skills .In fact, there are races in this game that will fit certain skills, that's why it's a must for every newcomer to read guides, so we won't screw up our character's build.

The Leveling, Rebirthing and Ageing System:

The Mabinogi Leveling System is as simple as any other kind of MMORPG. However, it's not a main factor that influences on how powerful a character can be, since we are able to select our character's age and rebirth in a determinate time. Evidently, if you are new to the game, you might be wondering what these systems are about. So, let's do a brief introduction for both: First off, The Age system is a unique feature which changes our appearance every time we age in the game, since the older we get the taller we can be or the more we eat, the fatter we will be. As for, once we are about to create our avatars, we are able to select if we want to start in a child or an adult form. And, this is when we must decide if we are looking for free rebirths (by choosing the adult form) or if we will be able to purchase some character cards to rebirth (by choosing the child form). In this way, many people decide to be an adult, so when their characters are 20 year old, they will be able to get a free rebirth. To sum this up, the age system is an essential feature which allows us to gain more AP( Ability points) to make our characters skills stronger ( for more info about rebirths and age system, you can visit the Mabinogi Wikipedia).

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On the other hand, it must be said that none of these systems can really provide us of big powers since the character skills are the only ones which make us strong, as I already said. Then this means, the rebirthing and aging system will only help us to increase our skill points, so that it's necessary for us to rebirth in order to get high ranked skills. Plus, the leveling system just provides us of one skill point per level which means it's a must do for us if we want to be strong in this game.

Life skills:

This is one of the best features we will try, besides other nice systems we will discover while exploring the immense world of Mabinogi. Since, we know skills are important for the complementation of any game, Mabinogi has plenty of them. As it's known, this game has no professions and classes as we already said, so this means we will have many options to choose from. However, differently from any MMORPG out there, we will be able to find Living and battle skills. First off, we will talk about Life skills. Perhaps, you are wondering what those skills are about ( If you've never played this game before). In fact, these skills are special abilities that can be learnt through the game by reading books or doing special quests. These skills are pretty much different from the battle ones ,since they mostly focus on real life actions and activities like : fishing , cooking , collecting , mining , weaving , blacksmithing , playing an instrument , etc . Nevertheless, these skills also have a leveling way, being that they will affect our character stats when they have a high rank . In fact, to get them into higher ranks we will have to level them up , so they will be more effective and stronger than they used to be.

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Available Life skills:

Combat skills:

Once we give a step to the Mabinogi world, we will be able to choose what paths we are going to follow. Since, Mabinogi is a game in which we are allowed to distribute and match our skills as we want, that's why there are no professions or classes in this game , so this means we will only find classify combat and live skills. Both include a wide variety pack of abilities which will be available as we level them up. Since, we already talked about the Life skills, this time we will have a look on the combat ones. In Mabinogi, the skills which are going to define our character's power are the combat skills, which consist in melee and ranged paths as we already said. The melee skills are composed of physical and close-ranged attacks like: Charge, Combat Mastery, Taunt, Wild Guard, Wildmill, etc. All of these are warrior-alike skills which we must select if we love a face to face fighting style.

On the other side, we have the Ranged skills which divide into Magic and Archery skills . In the magic path , we will find skills like: Icebolt, Firebolt, Fireball, Healing, Thunder, Lightning bolt, etc.And, in the archery skill tree, there are skills like :Arrow Revolver, Mirage Missile, FinalShot, etc. In addition, there are many things we will learn in our adventures like the fact that some of these skills must be unlocked by questing. Finally, there are important things we must take care of after choosing a skill path or mixing them with other abilities because we won't be able to change them but just by rebirthing our characters. In every way, we will find ourselves trying to figure out which skill builds are the best , but as we go on and find out many more MABINOGI fighting styles ,we will see that many people prefer to be totally hybrid when it comes to skills.

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The transformation system:

Let's say we reached level 22(or more) in the game, so this has a big significance in the Mabinogi world mainly cause, it's possible to take the transformation quest at this stage. The transformation system is a functional feature that allows us to get into powerful creature form, and this includes a bunch of skills with cinematic animations. However, as we know there's got to be a challenge in every game, and this means we will have to do big and long quests to get our desire transformation skill. To sum up this whole system concept, there are some things that must be cleared like the fact that it only works for an amount of time and that ,every race has its own kind of transformation which implies different kind of skills for each one.

Other features that weren't mentioned:

  • The Crafting System.
  • Mount and Pet Systems
  • Dungeon system
  • Guild, chat, friend and family systems
  • Weather system.
  • Alchemist skills and features

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