Comic-Con 2010 Sum-Up: We Found the Comics!

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  • Summary: Comic-Con 2010 was another huge success. Bigger than the year before, it featured a lot of news, videos, and demos from a lot of great TV shows, movies, video games, and comics -- such as Halo: Reach, Psych, Red vs. Blue, The Avengers, The Green Lantern, and Street Fighter x Tekken.


Comic-Con 2010 Sum-Up: We Found the Comics!

By Ron Fair

Ron Fair is a very passionate writer and scholar whose strong and sometimes unconventional opinions have stirred controversy -- though his arguments and logic are often stronger than one might suspect. He is very active on MMOsite as an Associate Writer for the blogs (LordYanLiang) and moderator on the forums.

Hooray! We found the comics this year at Comic-Con! It was a tough undertaking and a valiant effort, and I wish to thank everybody who took part in finding the comics in Comic-Con. We couldn't have done it without your hard work and dedication.

Comic Con

That, of course, is a joke. Comic-Con 2010 has passed and once again it's set records and shattered expectations. Ever since 1988, each Comic-Con has been the biggest Comic-Con, and this year was no different. Over 140,000 people crammed themselves into the San Diego Convention Center for promises of hot new video games, TV news, movie screenings and previews, anime, collectable, and comic book nuggets of joy, and nobody was disappointed. Compare that to last year’s 126,000+ strong, who somehow managed not to blow the roof off of the convention center (or knock the walls down!).

Comic Con

And once again, there was a little bit of something for everybody.

There was plenty of TV goodness to go around. Fox and the CW (WB) were among networks that came out not only to steal the ballrooms with their myriad of stars and creative talent, but to announce line-ups and future show spoilers for the Fall season. Favorites new and old had their own separate panels devoted purely to answering the questions of the fans, such as the Seth MacFarlane Trio (Family Guy, American Dad!, The Cleveland Show), The Simpsons, Futurama, Bones, and Glee.

NBC rolled out the carpet with the smash hit Community, CBS answered with a huge panel for The Big Bang Theory, and fans were given an extra special delight at the Psych conference, including a full fan Q&A format and Dulé Hill tap dancing with Jason Samuels Smith just to entertain the crowds. Or if you’re into more niche programming, Red vs. Blue gave spoilers on their new season, as well as going into detail about their new CGI and motion-capture capabilities that they're incorporating into the new season, just to step the machinima game up even further.

Comic Con

A number of studios came out to plug upcoming films and give players teasers and spoilers. The biggest feature of the movie scene has to be TRON: Legacy, but it had some hefty competitors. Fans were given Q&A opportunities and special sneak-peeks from Dreamworks and Sony. Of course, the big comic brands could not be outdone this year in their own convention: so Marvel dropped some Q&A panels and happy little tidbits for the THOR and Captain America movies, as well as opening discussion about The Avengers and the similar properties that would eventually hit the big screen; and DC answered by dropping the official announcement of the big-screen debut of The Green Lantern, as well as offering a Q&A packet on bringing Hal Jordon into the superhero cinema fray.