MMOs to See at Comic-Con (Keep Updating)

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  • Summary: This article lists the hot MMOs at San Diego Comic-Con and works as a handbook to introduce you the latest MMO news at the convention. We will keep updating this article as Comic-Con goes on, so don't forget to check it out regularly.

Update - July 25th

Tera New UI and Glyph System

In the Tera community event held at Comic-Con, En Masse Entertainment revealed some sweet information about game, including a new UI, enhanced customization system, achievements and new Glyph System. According to Ten Ton Hammer, the Glyph System helps players customizing their skills and increasing the damage.

The Glyph System is essentially TERA’s method for customizing and modifying a player’s skills to decrease cooldown, increase damage and critical hit chances, and adjust many other aspects of the spells and abilities. While up to 20 glyphs are available per class, there will be a limit on how many active at once, and players must use an NPC to activate and deactivate. Via Ten Ton Hammer

New Character Creator

Old Character Creator

DC Universe Online Launch Date Revealed

DC Universe Online sets to launch on November 2nd! Yesterday, comic writer and artist Jim Lee told us this news at DCUO's Comic-Con 2010 panel. Although the date hasn't been finally set, you can expect to play the game at early November. >> DC Universe Online Sets to Launch on Nov.2.

DC Universe Online

SWTOR Space Combat Confirmed

SWTOR will have space combat in addition to the ground-based combat! That means you can control your own spaceships and fight in the universe. We didn't have more about space combat in Comic-Con, but we can get more on the October 2010 edition of PC Gamer magazine. >> STAR WARS: The Old Republic Space Combat Confirmed

Star Wars: The Old Republic