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  • Summary: Perfect World International adds a new server called "Archosaur" . It is the seventh added to the game since launch.

Perfect World International players now have a new west coast server on which to game. Called "Archosaur", the server is the seventh added to the game since launch.


March 16, 2010 - Redwood City, Calif. - Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a wholly owned US subsidiary of Perfect World Co., Ltd., announced that following the overwhelming success of the 'Rising Tide, the latest expansion for flagship MMORPG title Perfect World International, a new server will be opened on March 17th. Archosaur, a West Coast PvE server, is Perfect World International's seventh server.

Perfect World

"Archosaur gives players new and old a chance at a fresh start with the 'Rising Tide' expansion," said Jonathan Belliss, Product Manager for Perfect World International. "We understand it's sometimes daunting to begin as a newbie when you're surrounded by high-level players. This server is the perfect chance for someone new to jump in or for old players to finally roll a Tideborn."

The recent 'Rising Tide' expansion focuses on the re-emergence of the Tideborn-an aquatic race that has only recently surfaced, revealing themselves to the rest of the world. Unraveling the mystery behind the Tideborn will be up to the player as they journey into new zones and undertake all new quests.

"Perfect World International" is the English-based, international version of Perfect World II with millions of players worldwide. "Perfect World International" offers an immersive online world and now offers four unique races and eight different classes, as well as one of the most extensive character creation interfaces to date.

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