FFXIV New Weapons for 9 Classes Preview (Updated)

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  • Summary: has updated weapons info of Final Fantasy XIV. Here We classified all the weapons according to the 9 classes uncovered before. What kind of power is behind those weapons? Choose the right weapon for yourself.

Conjurer | Gladiator | Lancer | Pugilist | Archer | Thaumaturge | Blacksmith | Miner | Marauder


This hand-to-hand fighter is a master in traditional arts of self-defense. Although her fists alone could be considered weapons, the pugilist specializes is using hand-to-hand weapons to increase their power in battle. The pugilist must stay in close to make sure she lands her blows aimed at her opponent's vitals, and some pugilists use chakrams to gain their opponents' attention.

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Tools of the trade: Fists

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The pugilist's hand-to-hand weapons protect her hands while giving more punch to her punches. Both of these weapons are "knuckle" weapons, but it's already been confirmed that claw weapons are also available.

Whistle- Whistle and gain the enemy's attention
Blindside- Hit the enemy from behind (When the attack from behind is successful, the pugilist does a great deal of damage
Chakra- focuses power into the chakra point below the stomach (heals HP by using TP)
Steal- Take something the enemy is holding
Feather-step- Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. (Significantly raises evasiveness, but only once)

Weapon skill
Jarring strike- An attack aimed at the joints during an enemy's attack (Angers and stops an opponent's movement if used right after evading an attack)
Piercing hand- Pierce an enemy's weak point (A piercing-based attack. Critical rate raises if used in succession)
Haymaker- Dodge an enemy's attack and land a heavy one of your own (A powerful attack if used immediately after dodging)
Tackle- Tackle. (Close the distance between you and an enemy quickly and attack)
Chiretsuzan- Sends shockwaves through the earth at an enemy (Long-distance earth-based attack that does not work on flying enemies)

Picture caption: Choose your stance wisely throughout the heat of battle!
The left stance is an offensive stance, and the fight stance is defensive (for evasiveness).

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Developers' comments:

Taking the fight to the enemy while dodging his blows

I: Her reach is short and her defense is low, but on the other hand, she sports great evasiveness and tricky maneuvers and attacks to bring enemies to their knees. The pugilist also has stances to adjust to the needs of the battle.
S: Her stances can really change a battle. The player must watch the flow of battle carefully to decide which stance is appropriate for the situation.
I: The longer she stays in one stance, that stance becomes stronger and the number of things she can do in that stance increases. A pugilist can change her stance anytime she wants, but if she does that, it goes back to its weakest state. A pugilist must choose wisely whether to deepen her stance or change when the time comes, as this could decide the battles.