Pirate King Online: Voyager Guide

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  • Summary: MMOsiter helloffire just shared us a voyager guide of Pirate King Online, including Voyager Equipments, Leveling Spots, PvP Guide and so on. Have fun.

PvP Guide

1. Spirit Voyager

Spirit Voyagers, are good in certain aspects of pvp, spr voyagers are best with a party, If you are in a party pvp and you are a spirit voyager, I recommend play it like this:
Do Not, I repeat, Do NOT leave your group, you will be slashed and killed, while keeping with the party continue to ray and find the stealthed crusaders. Always keep ready on your cakes, and just continue raying at your enemies.

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2. Constitution Voyager

Constitution Voyagers can solo and are quite good at it, the base of singular pvp with a con voyager is like this:
Crusader: Either non stop ray , or wait for them to slash you so you can kill them, its all depending on how strong of a con voyager you are.
Champion: Pretty easy, keep ranged and gradually kill them
Seal Masters: I cant set a plan of how to kill these, your gonna have to fight them uniquely, they have to many skills to set certain counters.
Clerics: Don't ever.
Sharp Shooters: Con voyagers are about the only type of voyager who can take them out, Your just gonna have to tank through there stuns. get to them and conch.

3. Hybrid Voyager

For a hybrid Voyager, Use a mix of both of the above skills on party pvping and solo, Just remember, as a hybrid, you can take a hit, and you can do good damage.

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Where to get corals?

You can get corals at Coral Vendor - Lamon at 2061 2543

Benefits of being a voyager

You can hit a lot of monster at once



Some of the guides are adapted from :



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Hope you can be a pro and good voyager! =)

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