Pirate King Online: Voyager Guide

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Types of Voyager and its characteristic

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Voyager Equipments
Leveling Spots

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PvP Guide
Where to get Corals?

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What character to choose as a voyager?
There are many characters can be chose but the effects are different. Below shows :

Lance are good for high con. I don't suggest you to add spirit on lance is because lance can't go to spring island to train so, they must go to isles SUCH AS fortune isle to level up if there is no champ. Con are needed. ( Not recommended )

Phyllis are good for hybrid spirit-con voyager. I don't suggest you to add HIGH spirit or HIGH con in phyllis because phyllis can go to spring island to level up so they won't need so much con. Therefore, champion can tank for phyllis in summer or other places. ( Not recommended )

Ami are good for any build. They have extra equipment ( hat ) to add their stats. ( Recommended )

Types of voyager and its characteristic

There are many kinds of voyagers such as:

a ) Hybrid Voyager

b ) Pure Con Voyager

c ) Pure Spirit Voyager

d ) Sea Voyager

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A) Hybrid Voyager

i. Types of hybrid voyager:

1. Con - Spirit
2. Spirit - Con

ii. Whats that?

Hybrid voyager is voyager that adds their stats half half. The ratio below shows how :
2 - 1 = 2 con 1 spr / 2 spr 1 con

B) Pure Con Voyager

Constitution voyagers also known as “Con voys” are known to be the greatest solo and pvp Voyager class, another advantage to this type of voyager is there is no need for great forging or rare equips, I mean its better but what im trying to say is good forging or not they both aren’t going to die very easy.The down side for Con voyagers is there sp and sp recovery rate and the amount of corals used, firsts sp and sp recovery rate are limited as con voyagers are straight constitution or possibly adding 20 spirit as an explorer which still does not leave much sp, my advice would be to “max out” the skill diligence which gives increased sp recovery rate. Now coral used, con voyagers, having little spirit leaves them with not a very strong ray which means more Conch ray to each monsters to kill them which means more coral usage. If they want to have more damage on monster, they should buy a pet and let the pet learn standard magic so it could add your ray and thunder damages.

C) Pure Spirit Voyager

Spirit Voyagers are one of the greatest party leveling classes and with the right equipment can also be quite helpful in pvp.
Spirit Voyager as you can tell by the name are pure spirit possibly (usually not) with 20 or so base con.
Spirit voyager don’t need great equips either for being strong as just base spirit with chest gear can give you very nice damage (Usually needing tanker so they don’t die ^^). The only negative for this type would be the quick deaths when soloing I’d suggest if you don’t have a party find a safe spot to kill where you wont get attacked.

D) Sea Voyager

Sea voyager is a kind of voyager that would be very useful in Forsaken City, Dark Swamp, and also Guild wars.
Skills for sea voyager :

Pure Support Voyager for Large Sea Battles

10 Current
10 Tail Wind
10 Whirlpool
10 Fog
10 Conch Armor

My suggestion:

Don't make a half half voyager like half land voyager and half sea voyager. Suggestion only!