Professional Gamers: When a Hobby Turns into a Good Way of Making Profits

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Back in the old days, being. gamer was probably. particular activity practiced mostly by little kids. Therefore, one of many frustrations that old and young professional players had to encounter was that, being. gamer was considered. way of having. fun rather than. form of earning some bucks,and this was linked with the fact that there wasn't. way of gaining profits in gaming competitions or events at the time. As for, there weren't many Electronic sports championships/ tournaments ,but if there's something that really change from the old times to our modern era, is how the word Gamer has evolved through the time .

So you think YOU'RE. hardcore gamer?

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Since, being called. Gamer used to be. synonym of spending our free time on something fun, but now the term has changed,consequently, now it's seen as someone that mostly spends it's time playing video games. for improving their gaming skills. Moreover, why would Gamers look to improve their gaming skills?. Evidently,The answer for this question, is that in our present days. we can find many Cyber-athlete tournaments which are special events that involves many people from all over the world competing against each other to win big prizes, this also might concern millions of dollars and other kind of gifts as rewards. For all these reasons, Professional Gaming has turned into. good way of making money, like any other common job.

As. result,. there are even many schools and institutes that specializes on preparing and training gamers for their skills improvement as well as companies that hire these professionals for every new competition. On the other hand,new professional gamers have popped out in the gaming scene, earning lots of money for participating in gaming championships and other kind of gaming events, so that's why we will talk about some of the famous gamers all around the world. Since, the amount of money they gain by taking part of these events, have become. good way of showing the world that our hobbies can turn into. good way of making money.

Tom "Ogre 2" Ryan

No one can beat him in Halo 2, Tom Ryan (known as OGRE 2) has turned into. successful professional first shooter gamer along with his twin brother .In addition, he's earned millions of dollars by wining many Cyber-athlete competitions all around the world. He started his gaming career with his twin brother who is also professional gamer,they both started to participate in small local tournaments .Since then, he has been member of the well-known teams Halo CE and Halo 2, which have received so much media and gamer attention, being both teams always at the top in every tournament they participate. Finally, he and his brother represented the United States in the Halo. competition at the 2005 world cyber games in Singapore .Now; he is presently. member of the team Final boss, receiving. three year contract for over $250,000 and will participate in the upcoming MGL seasons.

Current Team: Final Boss
First Event Attended: Philadelphia 2004. 1st Place.
Number of Events Attended: 37
Best Placing: 1st (2004, 2005, and 2007 National Championships).
Platform, he uses: Pc, others.

Michael "Strongside" Cavanaugh

Well known for his famous gametag "Strongside". Michael cavanaough has been. professional Major League Gaming Halo player since July 2005 and currently. member of Team Carbon; he also has been. member of Status Quo, Final Boss and Legendz in previous seasons. He's been doing many practices on Halo games, that's why many Analysts of the Major League Gaming have referred to him as "the equivalent of. gym rat in Halo 2”, due to the amount of hours spent to build and increase his skills at the games. Today, he's currently. member of the team Status Quo, which features him as one of his best professional gamers.

Current Team: Status Quo
Best placing: 1st (2005, 2007, 2008 Local and National Championships).
First Event Attended:
2005, Las Vegas MLG event.
Pro Player of: Halo 2.
Platform, he uses: Xbox360, Pc.



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