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February is here and The Saint Valentine day is almost knocking our doors. As days pass by, and we approach to this yearly celebration day, many parties and events will be held in our virtual and real world in behalf on this special date. In fact, Saint Valentine has turned into a popular tradition which is celebrated all around the world. Being a special day, in which couples show their love to everyone, turning into a good reason for hanging out with friends. Otherwise, there are still people which cannot decide if they should spend their valentine's day with their friends or just with their online buddies. Since, we are supposed to spend this day with that special person, or either with our folks. This doesn't mean for sure, that spending this day with our favorite MMORPGS is a bad idea, mainly because we are the ones who decide whether or not to do it the way we like it.

MMOsite 2010 Valentine's Day Special Feature
MMOsite 2010 Valentine's Day Special Feature

Somehow, if there's something, that many of us will enjoy is the fact that there will be many things, we will be able to do in our favorite games. Since, for many lovers who share the same passion for online games. Many MMPORPGS always bring us, infinite types of events based in this popular yearly event. Evidently, in these events, we will mostly find: low cash shop prices, lovers special cash shop items, wedding packages, and double experience for all the players. However, not all MMORPGS celebrate this special date,it's well known that most of them do it. in other words, the question still remains: is saint valentine a day,we must only spend in MMORPGS? Even, when this question involves, our tastes and preferences. Most casual gamers would choose both. but what about hardcore players?, well, it's hard to believe it, but they will mostly prefer leveling than going out with their friends. Since playing our favorite MMORPGS for some us, at least for some hours and it then hang out at night with our best friends for this great occasion, would be the perfect choice. However, not everyone will do this because it will depend on our decisions and if we have friends or not.

Full SizeA MMORPG Saint Valentine's Day
Saint valentine has became more than a special day in our daily lives, that's why the celebration has arrived to our favorite MMORPGS as well!


Saint Valentine has never been the same, since it started being a common celebration in our favorite MMORPGS. This is why,many online games, have implemented tons of activities for our enjoyment like: quests, dungeons, 'special cash shop packages  for lovers', wedding sales and  much more! (specially, if we are talking about free to play games). Anyhow, there are also major events that concerned GMS presence. In this way, these might be good reasons for us to come back to our favorite MMORPGS and celebrate this date with all our friends, this is obviously but there's something we cannot miss out this February, and it's for sure, SAINT VALETINE in our favorite MMORPGS! Anyways, let's have a look at some of the Valentine's Day events held by some popular MMORPGS.



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