A New Breed of MMO Weaponry

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  • Summary: Since enemies are in packs MMO game characters should be enhanced in a way of improving the concepts of attack and defend. In attack what weapon should be effective or in defending what buffing weapon the players can use for him or her to minimize damages. There are so many things that we can combine and come up with a very unique approach so that players are having fun and satisfies the worth of time they play.

A New Breed of MMO Weaponry

By Johnny Lim

The crave to write a simple and easy to follow tips is what I am here for. In an MMO scenario, my articles can be a tool for savvy gamers.Providing essential in-game information to finish different tasks in MMO games.

Playing MMO games through out the five years span I got used to wielding swords and using spears or loading ammo's to guns and trying to shoot enemies from within. Sometime using spells skills to defeat a mob of monsters that can attack player's character. It is now time to modify some of the arsenals use in MMO games to battle enemies.

MMO players have their own preference of their respective characters. It being a long range, short range, single or wide coverage. So as a hard core MMO gamer as I am, it gives me pleasure on sharing my thoughts as to how can game developers improve and come up with new and exciting weapons that the gamer's character can have. The following sets of weaponry will be classified according to level of the players. As we go to much higher level the more sophisticated a weapon or skills can be . So hold on to your horses, tag along and enjoy the ride fellow gamers.

Aion Weapon screenshot

As a low level player, character can rely on their natural surrounding to defend themselves against adversaries. A simple but effective weapon is a plain Stone. It can be a 2 by 4 Wood that can smash the faces of low-level enemies Game developers should come up with a technique that characters can always pick up things in almost everywhere in the area and use it as their line of defense and offense. And if an enemy has been defeated a simple weapon such as sling shot can be obtained to be the initial long range arsenal for the players. Just think the things that can be converted to an offensive weapon able enough to defeat an ordinary enemy. Others may suggest the use of concocted leaves to be a poison and launch it to the monster that it may affect the mobility and it can be killed easily. Instead of bows, we can also use bamboo tubes and use it to blow out the poisonous bits of spikes . In the mean time bamboo rods serve as a weapon as well. If you want an AoE MMO weaponstype of simple weaponry, we can use improvise gasoline bomb. It is where putting gasoline in a glass bottle, covered it with a cloth then light it up and throw it to a mob and it will explode. Leaving it with glass shrapnel all over the enemies' body and the damage has been done. It is not much of a complicated things but the effectiveness that the weapon can be in terms of dealing series of enemies while playing the game is what matters the most.

Now lets us move up to the middle level of character play in the MMO games. Dealing with monsters must always come with incentives once the enemy has been defeated. The character can simply obtain what his /her nemesis is using and added up to the collection of weaponry that a character can choose to use. Weaponry can be level up as well and can go parallel with the player's level. So showcasing a series of middle class weapons are as follow. Players can use whip chain to inflict damage to the enemy. The longer the better chance of defense for the character because of distance leverage. Cast it with a very special potion or spell , the whip chain can have a fire elemental energy and has an effect that can damage surrounding mobs. MMO games yield so much enemies. Thus a boomarang can be an essential type of weapon to encounter such numerous frontal fiends that players usually have a hard time dealing it with single inflict kind of weapons such as swords, spears or guns . But this type of weapon is only limited to a 120 degree angle of area. So enemies behind the character won't get damage. The next weapon that can be introduce in MMO games is a tribute to legendary Bruce Lee. It was his favorite choice of arsenal : the nunchucks. The advantage to have this type of weapon probably will be the speed of the character to make a damage. It can hit so hard and will be able to put the enemies in a comatose state. A very good PvP equipment as compare to a bow , sword or spear. The last one that I can think of a middle class weapon is the morning star. This heavy duty type of weapon can be use by a tanker type of character. It can be use to strike an enemy to kill it or on the ground to make the earth shake so that enemies around may be off-balance and it can be easily killed.

MMO weapons
A whip chain can be as deadly.