Square Enix Cooperates with Gamepot to Release Fantasy Earth Zero

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  • Summary: Square Enix and Gamepot USA announced a partnership to deliver a new free to play MMOG - Fantasy Earth Zero. Beta register is now available on the official site. The Fantasy Earth Zero beta test in Q1 2010 will be announced via players' registered e-mail address.

Square Enix and Gamepot USA have partnered up to announce that they will deliver a new free-to-play MMOG to North America - Fantasy Earth Zero. Beta register is now available on the official site. The Fantasy Earth Zero beta test, which is to take place in Q1 2010, will be announced to players via their registered e-mail address.

Fantasy Earth: Zero - Exclusive US Debut Trailer

Both the game logo and theme must be familiar to Square Enix fans. Fantasy Earth Zero is set in the world of Melpharia, which has erupted into all out war over powerful crystals strewn throughout the world. There are a total of 5 countries in the game and players can fight against other countries for the prosperity of their own country. A variety of battlefields will challenge the cooperation between players, A good strategic plan is also important.

Official site:

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Game Features:

  • Hyper-Active Combat System: Attack, jump, dodge, run, and experience fast-paced, exciting combat. (WASD, Xbox 360 controller for Windows-compatible).
  • 5v5 to 50v50 PvP: Epic Scale wars from the countryside, to the mountains to war-torn cities!
  • Crystal Combat: Use Crystals to transform into more powerful forms (including flight-based), summon Giantsand more!
  • Anime-esque Art: An energetic art style with blistering battle effects from the unmatched quality of Square Enixartists.
  • Action/Strategy Elements: Use your resources wisely to win each battle!
  • Immense Game Worid: A vast realm, Melpharia, with 5 distinct kingdoms vying for your allegiance.

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  • 3 Distinct Classes: Warnors, Mages, Scouts, Each class has a myriad of skills, as well as multiple transformations, from dragons to cannon-wielding giants!
  • Customizable Characters: Players can select gender, pigment, as well as cosmetic and in-game armor for aunique look.
  • Stellar Soundtrack: Music by Hitoshi Sakimoto (Final Fantasy Tactics, Vagrant Story).

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