MMORPG Déjà vu and Look alike Games

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When you feel like you already played your new mmorpg..

Déjà vu is a complicated word which is barely understandable for many of us, but if we look for a short meaning we will find that is how we feel like, when we do something and believe that we already have done it. Even though, most of us don't believe in these kinds of destiny things. There are still many ways which lead us to think, a déjà vu is real and not a fake. However, true or not if there's something which believers and non believers agree with, is the fact that events happen in a good or a bad way. But if you were wondering what does this got to do with online gaming. The answer is easily found in the next situation: so let's say we found a new hot mmorpg which is in an open beta we download the client (which takes us like 5 hours), then we read all guides and we are desperate to play it since we waited so much for it that our heads will explode if we don't try it out. Anyways, after we install our game and finish the update part. We log in and play for one hour or more. Later on, we think we already played it like if it was similar to any other mmorpg.this is what a déjà vu feels like. As for, we played a game we didn't try out before but when we do it we feel like we already saw it or played it. In other words, this all is involved with mmorpg developers and the whole mmorpg market. Is it that they don't have any better ideas than copying the rest? Is it a coincidence that there are more than one thousand mmorpgs and half of them are really based in other existent games?. This wouldn't sound as bad as you think if the game's interface, game play and features were at least sort of different. Unfortunately, some gaming companies only have a big and shinning propose: get as many profits as they can.

Mmorpg Déjà vu and Look alike Games: When you feel like you already played your new mmorpg..

On the other hand, even when the mmorpg industry is getting bigger every New Year. There's still a big belief among us which is that we think, every new online game, is just alike as any other one out there. But what is the real fact that make us think that every game copies another one? In fact, if we start to look or describe some of the current mmorpgs and if we compare them with some of the old ones, we will find that most of them have exactly the same features that any veteran old game. Even though, this always happens, regarding the Japanese,Korean and now the American gaming industry, we can't deny we almost had a big gaming orgasm when we found any new game that seemed to be what we were looking for. Despite the fact that it might have looked like any other one, we loved it's graphics or in game content like it's 'new jobs'(which in many cases result to be the same old professions but with different names). Anyways let's spin this out and look for some mmorpgs that we played, but for first time and after a bit we felt like we already played them or it was nothing out of the ordinary in the mmorpg market. That's what the next list will be about, mmorpgs that look alike and give us the feeling in first place, that it was more of the same:

Note: the games listed below, are mostly based on some gamers opinions. If you don't agree with this, there's nothing wrong since we all know we all have different point of views.



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