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Sunday morning, it's 8.00 am. We had a big party last night and we are looking for one thing 'a good resting time'. However, first we remember we had to call our girlfriend /boyfriends. So that's when instead of calling them, we turn on our computers and gadgets and talk to them. If you thought for a moment, that this was a joke. I must say it was not. In fact, our world has changed so that much that our technology did as well. Science went so far, that now we can have a virtual made girlfriend or boyfriend of our preference. Even though, this might sound awkward. It's really true but it'd be a bit virtual girlfriendcrazy to have a virtual lover when we can have one in real life. Is it that we think a machine can replace a real life person? Despite the fact that many of this so called 'virtual lovers' are being a big sell out in the Asian countries. We know that it's impossible to replace a person for a machine because robots don't have feelings. In a way that sounds more like fiction than a real life event a while ago a 20 year old Asian Male got married with his virtual girlfriend. The world couldn't believe it but it still remains like a mystery why would this young Asian boy decide to marry a machine. He probably thought: ' oh yeah, I can control her the way I want '(he wasn't wrong for sure). On the other hand, the gaming industry has made another important step like it happened with a popular electronic toy in which people could play with their favorite virtual pets, this was one was made by Asian countries (it's name was Tamagotchi if I ain't wrong?) and they were a popular accessory for every kid that couldn't have a pet in real life. Anyhow, today we got to deal with non-existent girls and boys who are waiting to be sold out in a game store. is it that the Asian countries are colder when it comes to feelings?. Perhaps the Asian stereotype comes to our heads once again since we always heard they are cold blooded people but anyway, who knows. In other words, it's obviously that the case of the young Asian boy who married a game character is another weird case of what we call the big 'evolution of technology'

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In some way we must realize the decision, we would make for buying a virtual lover game is based in our lack of confidence and poor self-stem to talk with a real girl. However, we were so happy to get this new game for our favorite game console or gadget that we were so sure this would look as if it was real. After all, we had nothing to lose if we didn't have any chance with real life people. Why not trying with machines? After trying the game and being with it for more than 2 months. Now, we notice we got nothing else than a dumb game with a virtual person that only repeats the same words again and again. That's when we started to feel so disappointed. Unfortunately, we realize we are now lonelier than ever. We changed our whole real world for a machine. That's when we sit down in our beds and think how blind we were because we couldn't understand that we sacrificed every important moment in our lives for a game.

virtual marriage

Finally, this is the destiny of humanity. As for, science and technology goes further than we expected. Asian loli maidThis will surely lead us to think that in a near future, we will not only live with robots since humans will also have a special relationship with them and that is gonna break the meaning of what a relationship is since we will talk about a special robot – human relationship. Anyways, let's just wait to see it with ourselves since it's just a fact that science will bring us more than one surprise in a near future.

If we thought we had enough with the new Asian robots which will replace many people in their jobs in the future. we were really wrong, since now the virtual girlfriends are a whole boom in Japan, Korea and the rest of Asian countries.

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