Pirate King Online Version 2.0 Preview

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  • Summary: Pirate King has launched the all new Version 2.0! Spring Island, Summer Island, and Autumn Island are much well known to everyone. Who knows the reason of the change of climax?

Pirate King has launched its all new Version 2.0! Spring Island, Summer Island, and Autumn Island are all very well known to everyone, but who knows the cause of the change of the major change that occurred?

According to the high priest from Shaitan City, he claims that this was caused by Kara's magical trace. But nobody knows why Kara did it.

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Until this year 4035, a huge meteorite flew from the top of the sky and sunk into southern sea of deep blue. This causes a huge whirlpool to evolve and hundreds of sailors went missing ever since. But, who could have imagined that a large icy land was formed in the deep ocean? Countless adventurers have come to explore this legendary winter island ever since.

Be it truth or rumors, the legendary winter island is now here for you to explore. What is the secret hidden within this land? What is the story behind Kara and Ville? Find out in the all new Pirate King Version 2.0!

New Content

1. New Dungeons

  • Luna Haven: Distributed with 1 to 2 types of Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Mainly for players above level 80.
  • Snow Kara Isle and Snow Ville Isle: Distributed with Level 95 ~ 103 monsters. To control the level-balance of players, difficulty is increased in this area.
  • Winter Lake Island: Distributed with Level 90 ~ 95 monsters. Most monsters are gathered at the center of this isle, to satisfy players who need to level up faster.
  • Ice-covered Island: This is the biggest isle and also where the stronger monsters gather. Monsters Level 103 ~ 110 lives here. Restricted to players above level 100.

2. New Items

  • New Items: Implementation of various new items, exchangeable items, quest items, etc.
  • New Equipment: Lv85 Equipment set for all class, Lv95 Weapon for all class, Lv95 BOSS equipment set and weapon for all class. 4 customized sets of equipment for each individual class, attribute increased, and with the feature of obtaining additional experience point or drop rate.

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3. New system - Auto Tracking system

4. New world map with suitable leveling area indications

5. New Rear Fairie Raising system to get powerful spirits

6. Equipment Attribute re-assignment

7. Equipment Forge transfer