C9, Blade & Soul, Tera, Which Will You Chose?

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  • Summary: Some many beatiful actiom mmo were debut in Gstar 2009, Blade and Soul, C9, Tera and so on. So many choice, which beatuiful AMMO will you choose?

Dr. Professor

C9, Blade and Soul, Tera, Which Will You Chose?

By Dr. Professor
Ive been playing MMO's since ragnarok online first came out. I've always loved to make friends online. I feel like the more of a working world an MMO is the better. Thats why I love huge open worlds and big friendly communities. Most importantly is working together with team mates. I think that attention to detail and good art direction are very important to have in a game. It really bothers me to see that most games these days are quickly thrown together. So I'm on a hunt for games people worked hard on!

With the recent GStar 2009 event a massive surge of MMO gaming videos, screenshots, and information was circulated around rapidly and still is. But with all the information floating around so suddenly it seems the players have made it clear what they want to see more of, the action mmo's. Aion might be beautiful all over again and Dragon Ball has fans of the anime rioting but nothing seems to be reaching more players than the games in a relatively un explored ground. Beautiful, action, reflex based games with the world lore and questing systems of any good mmo. So when the surge of information becomes a reality and all these beautiful action MMO's are in your grasp which will you chose? Beautiful Blade and Soul with it's risque characters, The massive Third Person Shooter style Tera, the fast paced action packed C9, the gritty brawler Mabinogi: Heroes, or the much less gritty counter part to all of these, Dragon's Nest?

Which Beatuiful AMMO Will You Choose

Remember, vote based on the game, not the time you'll be able to play it


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With Art done by the talented and well known Korean artist Hyung-Tae (Kim), this beautiful game features 4 known races, the stunning Jin, the Tough Gon, the beautiful Kun, and the cute Lyn. Also several classes making very different ways to play. Beat enemies down and push them back as the Kung Fu Master. Flashy attacks and aerial combo's a plenty as a sword master. Swarm your enemy with energy balls and stop them in thier tracks with dark myst as the Force Master. And Destroy every bone in an Enemies body in the appropriately named Destroyer. Even more skills are seen and it's possible that even more classes await us in Blade and Soul. Ofcourse, since theres still pretty much only videos to go off, we can't get an exact idea of gameplay. Hopefully the quality of gameplay matches that of the graphics.(above) Yeah, yeah thats practical. If I ever got into a knife and energy magic fight I'd wear that. I mean who wouldn't choose that for a fight?

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