Luna Online Gets Hyped

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  • Summary: Luna Online is a very popular Free MMORPG in Internet cafe. Our columnist Johnny will lift the veil of why this candy-themed game can catch people's eyes.

Luna Online Gets Hyped

By Johnny Lim
The crave to write a simple and easy to follow tips is what I am here for. In an MMO scenario, my articles can be a tool for savvy gamers.Providing essential in-game information to finish different tasks in MMO games.

Internet cafe's are really filled up nowadays. And most LCDs I have noticed display a brand new cuddly game Luna Online. Despite that it was only August this year the game had launched its inaugural game as it joins the ever growing MMO market. Luna Online continues to hack and slash its way to give Filipino gamers a whole new exciting experience in an online game. With its low resource system requirements, Internet cafe owners don't have the chill effect to upgrade such hardware as well as gamers cant have a hardware incompatible issues. . This candy-themed game is a refreshing mmorpg type that incorporates a gamer's savvy for fighting, getting along with other players and a whole different aspect of commerce.

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This eye-popping candy-themed game is one of the reason Cybercafes are always filled up.

Normally when getting a gold or things in monetary value for the games character's equipment, one must kill an enemy and if you are lucky it will have drop of it. But with this game, it gives players other unique alternatives for making gold. Old habits don't die as we usually say. Thus Luna Online gives player a virtual experience of fishing – one of the oldest way to make a living. It is an easy task of making more gold without sacrificing your character's attributes. As you go to a higher level of the character you are playing, you will have another skill to earn more with farming ability. Players can have different modes while playing Luna Online. One can be a devil may care attitude to level up his/her character and the others maybe opt to have a casual mode by fishing or farming. Having fun yet ? You can get a lot of it for playing Luna Online.

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Cute wings will make the character move faster

Of course, we begin the game by creating characters that you think is cool enough to play with. In Luna Online, the game provides two races. One is human and the other is Elf . Each of these races has different sets of classes to choose. A fighter , a rogue or a mage. A fighter is a strong class for both human and elves . It has a short-range fighting style and good for a tanker. It has also a wide variety of cool skills and AoE's . So if enemies swarm over a fighter character, it will be a walk in the park for a fighter to defeat enemies around him/her. A rogue class, on the other hand , is a tactical long-range type of attack. It can be a strong PvP character given the attribute that it has a very good and strong one-on-one duel. It is a boss-killer . If you want that nobody messes you , this is the character you want to have .

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Magic skills yield higher damages to the enemies

Mage class uses magic skills to the fullest. A very good companion for a party mission or quest because of its numerous buffing skills it has. Though its magic attack hits a large amount damage, in many occasion, mages distance themselves from the enemies due to its weak armor. Isn't that a more tradition MMORPG games? I bet it is not . The unique feature of Luna Online is on the skill tree ability of a character that incorporates hybrid skills for character you play with. Hybrid skill lets you mixed a skill from other job that helps you battle enemies. A mage can be a strong tanker as the game goes on or a rogue can cast a strong skill spell. As the character levels up the cooler skills and special effects will be experience. To make you to play more until you drop figuratively speaking. Like other mmorpg games, Luna Online lets you customize the appearance of the character you want to play. Cool hair , puffy eye name it. As long as you think it is cool and fun. Speaking of customization, the game publisher from time to time provides costume and different cool, dependable virtual item to enhance your character. Due to its special purpose it is not free. Items are being purchase through the website's item mall. Purchasing a prepaid card let players top-up their game credits for them to buy virtual items.

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Great attack effects

In playing this game or any 3-D MMORPG , familiarity of control is very much important. Luna online has a very conventional approach. Skill slots are being alloted to numeric keys for ease of use. Wheel mouse is for zooming in/out the camera view and right click hold for the camera angles for better view . Left-click is for the direction or movement of the character. The fancy theme appearance attracts younger gamers, around 12 to 19 years old and mostly girls. But some nostalgic fans of the pioneer game Ragnarok find it deja vu. As they told me that it is fun to play this type of game again. Sounds and special effects blended well with the game concept. Though the nature of MMORPG is hack and slash , Luna Online does not have any violent effect for the gamers. Its more of a pillow fight compare it with a more mature online games. Thus it is really recommended for younger gamers .

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Flying skill is good for faster navigation

Upon receiving the installation copy in CD, I quickly started the setup program and registered a username. This is a free to play MMO game so I don't have to worry about monthly subscription. From then I kept grinding my character to level as high as possible within 2 week. But with limited time I end up having a level 46. Not bad at all. It can have 2 AoE's (area of effect). Due to not knowing the advantages of each race, my character end up messing it up and try to start again with another race. It is really important to know what skills are characters capable of. So that in a battle mode gamers can really maximize the use of skills. It will make a ton of fun once that skills are being obtained. Awesome gaming effects are display once skills are used by the players. As compare to an ordinary combat attack of a character, skills can result to a significant amount of damages. In Luna, players that reach the above 50 level, they have the luxury of high-level skill that can work to our advantage. So resuming the level 46 has a better mileage and when it reaches the above 50 mark, it can be a good time to try the party-recommended quest. Start slashing and casting skills and enjoy every game-time moments.