Blade and Soul In-Depth Look: 6 Classes Analysis

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  • Summary: Blade and Soul is the shining star in Gstar 2009. Our columnist Gabriel Zamora gave an in-depth look into the trailer of B&S, analyzing four classes and two unannounced classes showed up in the trailer.


Blade and Soul In-Depth Look: 6 Classes Analysis

By Gabriel Zamora
Gabriel Zamora is a freelance writer and ghost writer, artist, hardcore video gamer, and self-taught cook. He's a native New Yorker and graduate from Hunter College, with a Bachelor's of Arts in writing. He writes for as New York Console Games Examiner and Video Game Trailers Examiner, and under the name Dracozombie. He is currently working on two novels.

Blade & Soul focuses on Asian martial-arts and myth, which gives the game tremendous appeal based on that fact alone. What really pushed the first trailer to the top and made the game memorable was its combat focus. Aerial juggles, tremendous knock-backs, beautiful grapples, graceful sword-fighting and magic, all done with a martial-arts edge, made the original trailer a classic.

The Gstar game event in Busan, South Korea has come and gone. However, it has brought with it a plethora of new trailers for several new and in-development MMORPGs, of course including Blade & Soul.

Blade and Soul - Full Movie HD - Gstar 2009

This new trailer not only showcases new races, but introduces four character classes/professions as well.

In addition to the normal-ish Jin race and the hulking Gon, viewers are introduced to the pale, slender Kun race, and the diminutive fox-children, the Lyn race, (which turn out to be a playable race after all)

After the character introductions, the trailer reveals four of what looks like several character classes.

Blade Master

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The the first of these classes is the Blade Master class, which focuses on combat exclusively through the point of a sword. The attacks are pleasantly flashy, with long, bright slash combinations and astounding aerial quick-slashes and heavy blows. Curiously, the Blade Masters in this trailer don't use the sword-summoning technique from the previous trailer, which suggests that it is no longer a technique useable by this class, (given to another player class, perhaps), as it was extensively showcased in the previous trailer.