11 Kinds of MMO Players

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  • Summary: I am writing this article to let you guys know how different players differ from each other and what kind of players to avoid, befriend and also a deeper knowledge of each kind of players in an MMO game.

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The Addict Player is kind of sick.

The Addict Players

These are usually the players who take prohibited drugs and play MMO Games. Sometimes they use the MMO games to sell prohibited Drugs to other players but these regard exactly to players who are addicted to the MMO game they are playing. They are willing to spend cash/trade their property to buy in-game stuff/equipment. Sometimes, trade themselves for in-game cash/items. An incident about a woman trading herself to a player for an item has happened in WOW. That is where the “World of WhoreCraft “phrase originates. Why they do these? Because they are addicted to the game just like a Drug addict is addicted to drugs and perhaps for some other reasons I possibly don’t know but these players exist in MMO games. My advice, don’t get too personal with an MMO game your playing.

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The Pedo Players

Young Teen Girl Players should watch out for these Online Pedo Players and also the Parents, for their daughter’s sake! These players are 2828">2727">Pedophiles and are stalking young girls playing MMO games. They usually are friendly to young female players to befriend them, give free items/gold/cash and once they have suitable information, they stalk them. So, be careful sharing your real life profile on the internet, even for an MMO game. This also applies to young boys! There are also Gay Pedos out there too! Don’t trust the internet 100%, especially for young girls playing online.