Hellgate: Resurrection: Hellgate: Tokyo Announced Today

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  • Summary: On Nov. 12, HanbitSoft announced their new project entitled Hellgate: Resurrection, which is slated for beta test on Nov. 17 and official launch on Dec. 8.

Schedule of Hellgate: Resurrection:

  • On Nov. 13 Hellgate: London renamed Hellgate: Resurrection
  • On Nov. 17 New server opened, beta test launched
  • On Dec. 8 Hellgate: Resurrection to start its open beta
  • On Dec. 22 Business model to be activated
  • In Jan., 2010 Dungeon model Test
  • In Mar., 2010 Hellgate: Tokyo to be released

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As the first act of Hellgate: Resurrection, Hellgate: Tokyo has a graphic style similar to that of Hellgate: London and is set in the future destructed Tokyo. The game info having been unveiled till now tells us that the game is based on Tokyo, Osaka and Yokohama.

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The name “Hellgate: Resurrection” boasts a very good meaning. Hope the game can really “resurrect” as its name shows!

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