MMORPG Online Hacking and Scamming

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  • Summary: Most problems of the online players today are hacking cases and trade scams. To prevent this kind of problems, I am writing this article which will help players, newbie and professionals alike, to stop such problems and know when you are about to get scammed or being hacked.

The Hacking Tricks!
Here are the tips and signs that you are about to be hacked by another player.

  1. Bot/Third Party Programs – Using these programs endanger you of being hacked by the makers of those programs because the bot can relay your username and password to the maker. Many players had been victimize by these dirty trick, so don't use programs like this if you want to stay safe and don't want to get hacked.
  2. Cheat Engines – Some players share their wares on how to cheat a game. Some cheats works and one of the famous programs they used is the Cheat Engine where you can multiply your gold, float, go through walls, etc. These programs are not just dangerous because if you get caught by GM's using such programs, you will be banned. If you try this, if a player share it with you, make sure he/she doesn't include a key logger to hack you afterwards. Or Better yet, don't try it! And stay safe!

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  3. Password Sharing – Well, this is the most common in all hack cases where you share your password, character to your friends, sister, brothers, etc. If you get hacked, likely, it's your relative who did it. Use your brains! Don't share your password!
  4. Playing Online on Other Computer – Playing your character on other computer besides yours gets you risk in being hacked. You never know the computer you are playing has a key logger in it! Stay safe by playing only at home and your computer! But make sure, you don't have any Trojans and your computer is completely safe from outside hackers who can see and seize your files.
  5. Avoid Having Many Enemies – One thing I've learned in the online community is to avoid having many enemies in a particular online game because sometimes, it will lead to your fall down. I game scamused to think otherwise and make many enemies because I love PvP and I'm a PvP addict. More enemies, fun game especially if you are strong and no one can beat you but sometimes, the world is not just/fair as you think it is. If in the real world, there are corrupt officials and there are politics, also in the online world, it exists. My particular experience is a traumatizing one that leads me to change my views on having lots of enemies in an online game, specially the influential big time players. I was being hack deleted by a GM of a particular online game because of that. I learned later, one of my enemies on that game was a relative to a GM working on the game and also the other rich players whom are my enemies payed a good deal to that GM to Hack Delete my character. So, to avoid a situation like this, be friendly! ^_^ don't be a bully or boastful even if it's an online game and respect other players! ^_^

Well, it's just until here. I hope these will help a lot of online players out there and learned from my mistakes before and enjoy playing everyone!

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