70 Tips about Torchlight for Newbies - Part II

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  • Summary: Here the second 35(totally 70 tips) tips for newbies about Torchlight have been listed out, which would help to get start this game more easily and quickly.

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Here the second 35 tips for newbies about Torchlight have been listed out, which would help to get start this game more easily and quickly. The 1st-35th is here: 70 Tips about Torchlight for Newbies - Part I

36. If you are running Console on VeryHard mode, when you hit certain level, the shared stash will not be available to you any more.

37. Left click on an item while holding the Shift key, then your pet will pick up this item automatically.

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38. You can enchant a single item multiple times. The item will not disappear when the enchantment fails.

39. Two same grade gems can be transmuted into one. The gem will be one grade higher after transmuted and look different. The gem hitting the highest grade will be named with a special prefix. 

40. There is a new bug in purchasing spell scrolls I found last night. I was a Destroyer. When I tried to put a spell scroll I bought from Triya into my spell slot directly, I figured out there was no gold deducted from my account, which means I got this scroll free. That’s wonderful.

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41. Level Cap: There is a level cap of 99 in the game. But that's still debatable. When you hit level 99, you will gain 98*5 attribute points in total and equipment will offer you some extra attribute points (you can also gain attribute bonus through enchantment and transmutation). There are also some potions that can add some attribute points to you eternally.

42. Shared Stash: The shared stash is in the north of the town and due north of the personal stash. The upper part of the stash is provided for you to deposit shared items and the lower part is your own inventory.

43. This game allows players to wield more than one weapon. A player can wield a sword in one hand and a wand in the other. Try out different weapon combinations by yourself.

44. How to level a scroll spell? Scroll spells will be leveled up when your mastery of certain spells reaches a new height.

45. You can send your pet to the town to sell items. For instance, you can send items to your dog’s inventory and click on the icon on the right side near your dog avatar and your dog will return to the town and help you sell these items.

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