70 Tips about Torchlight for Newbies - Part I

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  • Summary: Here we gathered 70 tips about Torchlight for newbies to pick up this game more easily and quickly. The following is the first 35 pieces, please stay tuned for the rest part and we'll keep you updated.

21. Attention must be paid to the way you use your skills. As for arcane alchemists, they don't have to right click to cast skills. Instead, they just need to hover their mouse over a target they want to attack and press the number key 0 to 9 (the shortcut keys they've already assigned to a certain skill) on their keyboard to activate this skill. This requires you to have better manipulation, but it's funnier. Provided that you are an arcane alchemist who has learnt the Iceshock and Ember Lightning spells, you can kick your speed up a notch first before pulling out an attack once your opponents are speedy or able to teleport, and then cast the ranged freezing spell to reduce monsters' movement and then hit the shortcut key assigned to Ember Lightning to strike targets with continuous lightning bolts or just unleash common attack. It is quite possible for an alchemist to pass the whole stage without suffering any damage if you are good at manipulation.

22. Functions of Shift+Left Click: You can use Shift+Left Click to put items into Stash, Shift+Left Click to buy potions or press Shift to attack monsters in the distance. Shift is a very useful key in Torchlight.

23. About character's Fame:
Fame: characters gain fame by completing quests and killing champion monsters. Skill points will be given after fame levels up.
You have three options to revive your dead character:
Option 1: revive your char with full HP and MP at the cost of some fame.
Option 2: revive your char at the cost of some gold.
Option 3: revive your char with full MP and MP in the starting town.

24. Sometimes an ordinary chest may be a monster. When you are playing on Very Hard difficulty, a chest monster will deal whopping damage to you. If you are an alchemist and only have half HP left, never open chests like this. Or you will cry your eyes out.

25. You can press ESC and choose the second option to quit and save your game. When you login next time, you can reload your saved game.

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26. The box on top of the town is the Shared Stash. You can place items here to make them accessible to other characters you have created, while the box below is your character's own Stash.

27. You can press Alt to display dropped items on the ground. Or you can toggle the ALT tag beside the skill bar to show dropped items. Gold can be automatically picked up when you get close enough to them.

28. Press F1 to F12 to assign a shortcut key to a skill or a spell. F1-F12 are shortcut keys allowing you to assign a random skill to any one of them. Open your spells interface, hover your mouse over a spell and press F1. The shortcut key will be successfully assigned if a F1 icon appears. It is the same way to assign shortcut keys to scroll spells. But the currently assigned shortcut key will not display on the scroll spell, but it's really functional. Just give it a shot.

29. The viewpoint in Torchlight can't be rotated during playing, similar to that in Diablo. You can hit the W key or use mouse wheel to zoom in and out (I tried, but it seems that the W key doesn't work).

30. Items in the game are graded by different colors: Orange> Crimson>Purple>Blue>Green>Grey

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