Why Mages are Better Than Warlocks

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  • Summary: Mage or Warlock, Who is the leading Role in our Life? Who is the loser? Now our columnist Allan will answer the questions for you.


Why Mages are Better Than Warlocks

By Allan
Though a grizzled, old veteran donning war-torn robes and a gnarled staff in the MMOG scene, Allan is more like a level 5 squire in a simple tunic wielding a tin blade when it comes to the realm of writing articles. Nevertheless, he is here to train his typing fingers and bring you news and interesting perspectives on things you might not have known you even cared about.

Don't let the title fool you. There will be much more Warlock bashing than you are led to believe. And now to the topic at hand...

Mage Evolution

Since the dawn of mankind, we have been plagued with this timeless question: which of these two rival classes are better, mages or warlocks (sorcerer's and spiritmasters for all you Aion folks)? Well, I have decided that, once and for all, this argument will end here and now! Some may declare a victor based on the technical side of things, and I realize that. But let's forget about which one tops the damage charts, or who would beat who in a one vs. one duel. These days though, everyone's looking for the class they can be agreeable with; you know, the one they can sit down and have a beer with. And just as the clouds part to make way for the sunlight and Hell drops a few degrees in temperature, I will prove that mages come out ahead in this respect. Here's why.

Warlock and Mage

School (of Spells) is in Session!

In many MMO's that have some sort of class that's a warlock, demon-tamer, spiritmaster and what have you, they seem to have some sort of evil connotation. And usually coupled with this is their ability to use fire/shadow spells. Ok, that's fine. I like fire as much as the next guy. Shadow too! The sinister implications by that combination is delightful to the malefic part of oneself. But think about it - aren't these two spell schools just a little interchangeable?

Let's move on to the mages. What do they typically have? Fire and ice. That's two widely different elements of nature. Not everyone in the magic world would seem to have the power to harness two completely opposite spell types. It's like the guy (or girl) that goes to college and completes a double major. Seriously, that dedication alone gives me lots of respect for the mage class.

Mage and Fire

So going along with this analogy, the warlock seems to simply have the Fire degree with an emphasis in Shadow (it could be the other way around - like I said, they are interchangeable). Not bad, but in the competitive dps market we live in today, I think I know who I'm giving my paychecks to.

Mage and Fire
Fire Danger!

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