[Rumor] Update: Cataclysm will be Last Expansion, New Mode is Upcoming

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  • Summary: In a recent intervirw faced, the leader designer Jeff Kaplan told us Cataclysm would be the last expansion of World of warcraft. A brand new update system will be used in World of Warcraft after Cataclysm. "In terms of game design, it's a revolution." Jeff Kaplan said.
We translated the whole article about the new cataclysm's change., a celebrated German game medium, exclusively interviewed Jeff Kaplan, the leading designer at Blizzard Entertainment, talking about what is in store with the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft, Cataclysm. Surprisingly, Jeff Kaplan disclosed that Cataclysm will be the last expansion of WoW, because Blizzard will adopt a brand-new mode to update the game after that. "It will be a thorough revolution in terms of design concept." Jeff Kaplan said.

It is well-known that the world of Azeroth will undergo a massive transformation in Cataclysm which not merely refers to the change of quest, environment and instance, what's more, the game frame and outspread mode will be redesigned. "Actually, the inspiration originates from the discussion of our next production. The design team thought it was cool to apply this idea to WoW." In the late period of Cataclysm, players may feel this change gradually, a wide range of areas will become deserted as a result of destruction, while a new legend will also start from here. "To some extent, it is an extension of the dynamic mirror technology. We long for a variable world full of new challenges" New content will be updated after maintenance every week, so players' downloader may be busier than before at that time.

"Please note that this is not simply splitting the expansion into parts. The design department has done a lot of work to make it like a wonderful drama continuing the world's story naturally, rather than achieving a great leap at regular intervals" Jeff Kaplan stressed. In fact, Blizzard has made a blueprint on the following two expansions after Cataclysm. However, the design team have discussed many times and finally agreed to change the design mode, "It is not easy to make changes, but it is worthwhile."

In respect of the effect on Blizzard's revenue caused by the new mode, Jeff Kaplan said the subscription mode will be adjusted a bit, which is a part of the new system. New update mode will benefit more common players. First Down won't belong to professional guilds only, an ordinary guild can also have a chance to win First Down in a certain week with great efforts and proficient skills.

"Rare mounts, pets and other cool things are almost monopolized by some guilds. It's unfair. Moreover, players often complain that getting through a large instance in a short time is beyond their abilities, we don't want players to be tired, as well." Jeff Kaplan said. Correspondingly, the PVP system will also be modified. The epic collection series for different classes in the original version will play a new and appropriate role in the game. "I am afraid we need more hands." Jeff Kaplan said at last.

Besides, something else has been acquired from this interview, for instance, Blizzard will further restrain the use of plug-ins, because some plug-ins bearing powerful function will affect the fairness of the game. UI design department has been collecting various plug-ins and analyzing them in order to decide what can be integrated into the game, what cannot. One of Blizzard branch companies will cooperate with Microsoft to develop a new control mode. The up-to-date monster AI system which is comparable with the intelligence of children will be applied to the game, as well as the anti-addiction system with electric shocks.


The change in this article seems true. But, after we check here and there and couldn't found the link. At last we found the author and comfirmed it's a big JOKE. It's the first "Fool's Day Works" of the original author. I'm very sorry to mislead you guds. But the content in the article is interesting, and I think Blizzard should listen to the general players.


In a recent interview faced, the leader designer Jeff Kaplan told us Cataclysm would be the last expansion of World of warcraft. A brand new update system will be used in World of Warcraft after Cataclysm. "In terms of game design, it's a revolution." Jeff Kaplan said.


  • New content will be added in weekly update. It is not a simple splitting of big expansion, but a persistent progress as a TV drama program.
  • New charge system will be changed. This is a new cantent in Battle.Net
  • FD will not be a exclusive achievement of a professional guild. You may get it with your friends through technique and hard work. Rare mounts and pets would not be the monopolize by some big guilds, Blizzard will make adjustment to general players.
  • PvP system will face a big change. Epic PvP armors and weapons will be recap.
  • The interface is so powerful that will be limited. It hits the balance of the game.

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