Dethroning the Lich King: Is it Really the End?

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  • Summary: Dethroning the Lich King: Is it Really the End? Just like illidan and Kil'jaeden's destiny as Blizzard's trend, this is not the end.

Dethroning the Lich King: Is it Really the End?

By Allan
Though a grizzled, old veteran donning war-torn robes and a gnarled staff in the MMOG scene, Allan is more like a level 5 squire in a simple tunic wielding a tin blade when it comes to the realm of writing articles. Nevertheless, he is here to train his typing fingers and bring you news and interesting perspectives on things you might not have known you even cared about.

Patch day for WoW players (actually, I would assume it's this way for MMOG players of all varieties) is almost like a second Christmas or Hanukka or any gift-giving holiday you may celebrate. And the holidays are around the corner, for the WoW patch 3.3 is on the horizon. So what does Greatfather Winter have in store for us this time? Why the "Prince of Darkness" of course, Arthas! Arthas has gratuitously opened his doors and invited us into his home for what I predict to be a grand feast, except we're expecting his head on a platter to be the main course.


But what happens after that? Sure, one might have a few too many rounds at the Stonefire Inn in celebration, but it would turn into a health hazard to carry on like this all the way up until the next expansion. So after disposing of the Lich King, will there be anything else for us to do?

"This is not my way!"

For the past year or so, most players have assumed that the Icecrown Citadel would be the last thing we'd have to conquer in WotLK (Wrath of the Lich King expansion). I speculate though, that we're not quite done with Northrend yet. I believe there will be one final patch to wrap up WotLK, and it won't have anything to do with killing the Lich King.

Illidan is not the end of BC. Illidan and Lich King, do they have the similar destiny?