Women in Gaming

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  • Summary: Yes, women gamers most likely look at those of us male gamers who feel the need to treat them differently as losers. There's no denying that. However, this is easily avoided. Simply treat everyone online equally! 'Insane!' I hear you cry. Think again. Treating female gamers any differently is a bad move however you look at it. Be too kind and you'll fall into the habit of perhaps being too generous to your female party member, be mean and you're giving us guys a bad wrap (Yup, there's the pun).

Aeskor Women in Gaming
By Aeskor

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According to the ESA, 38% of American videogame players and 48% of gaming parents are women. In other countries such as Korea, statistics show as much as 69.5% of women are playing video games.




Ah, the barely clothed female elf! Such a sight in an MMO world. There is a natural beauty and mystique surrounding women (this is coming from a man, of course) in any form, and this magic is not lost in translation to the virtual world.

Our brains make the connection: female character, REAL female player ZOMG!

And thus comes the promise of some kind of real connection between human players. If you've played any MMO at all, you're bound to be able to recall a time when a female character had about a whole town's worth of male characters around her, whispering and private messaging away!


Women in game


Our reactions to each other (specifically the opposite sex) as humans are fascinating. Now, these dynamics open a lot of avenues:

 17 Year Old Quits School To Play Counter-Strike Now, there is a tried and tested technique that the most evil (and/or intelligent) among you may want to try, and that is, lying.

Wait, you say, I'm a man, how can I possibly profit off this? Well, you're in luck because, if you're so inclined, you're more than welcome to create a female character.

Throw off your armour and send out some love and you're in business! Ka-ching!

(Don't forget: actual girl gamers can still play (and profit) off of your generosity. Be careful!)

For the reasons mentioned above, we must be careful. One: to not get stung by a cheeky cross-dressing night elf and two: Not to assume the worst and dismiss and leave an actual female player lost and confused in the game.

Yes, there are female gamers. What!? I hear you gasp. How? When? What do they want with us? Do they have cooties?

Well, guys, they just want to have fun. So why can't they?


Women in game


Well, first of all, they do not receive equal treatment from us guy gamers. Usually we're overly nice or resentful towards them. Deep down its all human psychology.

We have a tendency to get weak at the knees at the sight of a maiden and as a result of this our wallets (virtually or not) seem to shrink significantly. Why? Because we hope to bond with the opposite sex. It's a compulsion and need. People know this and in some cases will seek to exploit it, as mentioned above.

Other times guy gamers have the tendency to actually resent the fact that their attempted 'bonding' (and if you've spent any time online you'll know this 'bonding' is no way appealing and sometimes isn't even legible) isn't successful and will totally ignore or sometimes even annoy them in response.

Still, what's stopping us from treating female players with equal respect?  I think our online communities would be better places if we could fulfil some unbiased equality.


Women in game