The Noobs Guide to 'The Holy Trinity'

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Summary: Each job requires a certain knowledge and a certain set of skills to implement properly. Too often have I seen a noobie that has put countless hours leveling a character, and nobody has taken the mercy on the poor guy and told him how to properly spec or play his character. Here is a basic rundown on the Holy Trinity, and the basics of playing a Hybrid in a group or party...
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The Tank:

The tank sacrifices Damage per Second (DPS) and in some games the ability to move quickly to be basically indestructible. Not all tanks are terrible at dealing damage, but compared to a blademaster or mage, they will quickly be outstripped in DPS. The job here is pretty simple: You take the hits and attempt to control your enemies while a healer refills your precious HP's, and the damage dealers take down the baddies as quickly as possible. Tank classes, such as a warrior or knight, will almost always have some form of "taunt" that will keep your enemies focused on you. When assigning skill points or attribute points, always focus on skills that will both keep you alive and keep your enemies focused on you. When looking for gear, for the most part "armor" points will mitigate damage and possibly have other effects like blocking with a shield, etc. Just make sure to fight that urge to get a burly looking two handed sword, a shield and a one hand sword is usually the weapon of choice. Raising your health points as high as possible is also obviously beneficial for staying alive as well. It is almost always necessary to have the best possible gear at your level, and on top of that leveling can be slow. The main benefit of playing a tank is getting into groups very easily and therefore getting good, high-level gear.

The Noobs Guide to

The Noobs Guide to

The Healer:

Usually a "Priest" or "Cleric" or something along those lines will be the main healer. Your first job is to keep the tank up and alive at all costs. Obviously try and keep the rest of your group alive, but if the mage goes down in a pinch, the group won't get completely destroyed. You may also need to cast beneficial spells on your party. Being a healer can be stressful because if a "wipe", or the death of an entire group happens, it will almost always be blamed on you. Healers are often given the opportunity to utilize damage spells. While this is tempting, and if you like to play solo a lot, then maybe its a good idea. But for the most part, people pick a healing class because they like to group with other players and go for the better gear and experience that dungeons and group quests usually offer. In the latter case, keep your direct and group heals as your first priority, then "buff" spells (spells that raise the attributes of your group). From there, anything is fair game, especially if it allows you to level faster. The healer is almost always a softie in cloth or light armor. Most generally spec similar to a mage focusing on intelligence or its particular derivative.

The Noobs Guide to

The Noobs Guide to

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