Ten Bad Things You May Have Done for Gaming

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Summary: When we look back our life on MMORPGS, there are so many meaningful things to us. Game brings us happiness and anger. And what we give games? Then first answer must be time. But also, many bad things...
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Which bad thing below have you done before?
1. Gender Play
2. Hit on a girl
3. Take advantage of Bugs
4. Trade Gears and Accounts with Real Money
5. Play Spies
6. Bloodshed
7. Play Hooky
8. Flood the Screen
9. Disgusting Names
10. Dirty Word Prank
None of them!


1. Gender Play

It is a new entry on the must-do list in game for a badass. More and more players are found faking their online Gender Play in MMORPGidentity, changing their gender without a transsexual surgery. Don't believe my words? Someday you might become aware that the hot chic whom you are talking to is actually an ugly fat guy.

No one's gonna be a fool forever. Video chat has become our savior. But there are still tricks you can play. I have personally experienced one of these tricks. When I was in an internet café, there was a guy seeking help from his gal pal who was sitting right next to him when video chat was requested. But the funny part was after the conversation went on for a while, that girl turned her head back toward the guy and said "XXX, your husband is going to give you YYY (gear name)". The boy's face was flushed with shame, and if you know nothing about the trick, you might feel astonished when you heard what the girl said. Anyway, you have to pay for the bad things you've done.


Gender Play in MMORPG

Gender Play in MMORPG

Gender Play in MMORPG


2. Hit on a girl

We are pulled together to play a MMO for different reasons, such as PVP enjoyments, forging friendship, or a chance to meet myriad hot girls. There are some tips I want to share with each of you about how to hit on a girl. hit on a girl in MMORPGTip 1: Don't lose your nerve even if you have been rejected by a girl a million times. You are not supposed to be scared of rejection. Tip 2: Compliment, no comments. Try to make up as many excuses as possible to compliment them and make them believe you are really appreciating them. Then they will sure be willing to talk to you. Tip 3: Smile at them and be charming, even though you can only see coldness in their eyes.

Bearing in your mind, in the online world, you can flirt with any girl. If you don't want to end up alone, be a bad boy. Keep aggressive until girls in your dream become mates in your gaming life.


hit on a girl in MMORPG

hit on a girl in MMORPG


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