Ask Tao: Taste of Chinese Custom

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Summary: Ask Tao also has many special features, such as adds the ancient Maze in the game, such as the Stone Sentinel Maze an array of stones thought to be conjured by Zhuge Liang using the concepts of bagua.. The Maze is vital for winning a battle sometimes.
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Game Background

Ask Tao is a 2D round-mode MMO game developed by Jbit Tech. Xiamen, China.

The game theme is based on a Chinese ancient novel Legend of Apotheosize, which was written 300 years ago. The whole story focuses on the myth of Tao-a traditional Chinese religion that was created more than 2000 years ago. The game story started 1000 years after the great apotheosize in Tao's history. During the war of great apthothesize 1000 years ago, the Supreme Master made Stone Queen become a piece of cursed stone, which was her original form. After 1000 years, another master called Sky Master helped Stone Queen to escape from the curse and become a powerful ghost again. Sky Master wants Stone Queen to expand his guild by recruiting more member and cooperating with other similar guilds. He lost the war of apotheosize 1000 years ago. Now he wants to revenge by starting another war with his opponents.

Ask Tao - Promo Trailer

The game has created a mystery and beautiful Tao world for players, where players can meet and interact with many traditional ghosts and heroes in Chinese history. It's a round-mod game perfectly combines the features of instant strategy MMO games and casual MUD games. Plenty of random scenario system brings players more surprises and fun during gaming. Players are free to decide whether they want to fight with each other. The fighting mode can be 1-on-1 or between teams, which maximally includes 5 players. There are 5 main genres in the game, which was from the traditional Tao's culture: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. Players can choose only one of them. Every genre has a wide range of special skills. Also, even within a same genre, players are free to choose from many developing routines. Differently combing these elements will bring players many amazing surprises. Every player can use his creativity to develop his own unique character.

Ask Tao screenshot

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Scene Picture

Ask Tao is a cute 2D MMO game; the picture of Ask Tao is not conspicuous in terms of the fidelity in the current age. However the sense and the character setting of the game exhibit full-bodied Chinese culture.

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