Shaiya 2 Released with Other 3 Anticipated Games

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Summary: On July 8th, 2009, Sonov, the developer behind Shaiya, held a New Project Announcement Conference, unveiling four new MMORPG projects including Viva Fighter, Shaiya 2, Project D and Berkanix together with its browser game and comics. Read on to find out more about these four projects.
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Shaiya 2

The first video for Shaiya 2, the sequel to the fantasy MMORPG Shaiya which was launched in June 2006, was released at the conference. In addition to inheriting the strengths of its predecessor, Shaiya 2 maximizes the conflicts between the races and puts more focus on resources gathering element and monster's AI enhancement. The operating schedule for Shaiya 2 has not been decided yet, but it is confirmed that Sonov will operate the game on their own.

Shaiya 2 - Teaser Trailer

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