Recommended MMOs in July

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Summary: If there's only one choice for this month, I guess you have got the answer. OK, keep it in your mind, don't show out, please. If it's unchanged after you read through this recommendation patiently, choose and vote it.
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Closed Beta Starts on June 30th!

The Dragonica Online Closed Beta Test (CBT) launch date is announced. Their second testing phase began on June 30th, one week from now. Over the course of this week, they will release further details on gaining access to this last test phase before their Open Beta Test (OBT). Details regarding client downloading and patching will be released soon.

Dragonica Online's Closed Beta Test will feature...

New Content: More areas to explore and discover.

Increased Level Cap: Grow your character to level 60 and proclaim yourself a legendary hero!

Additional Game Channels: Increased server space for you and your friends.

Exclusive Events and Contests: More contests, more fun!

14 Days of Dragonica Online: The Closed Beta Test will last for two weeks, ending July 14th.

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