Black Prophecy: Exclusive Interview With Reakktor

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Summary: Developed by Reakktor Media GmbH, Black Prophecy is expected to announce its first closed beta test in this summer and the developing team now is working hard to get it beta ready. Today we invited Chris Schuett, Community and PR Manager from Reakktor Media to talk about this upcoming space fight MMO.
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MMOsite: Can you unveil the exact date for the CBT? And how can we get into the CBT? And what about your rough schedule for open beta and final release?

Chris: We are currently unable to provide a date for the start of the closed beta as this date has to be determined in consultation with our future publisher. Currently we are in negotiations with several potential publishers and are confident to be able to tell you more in the coming weeks.

MMOsite: Apart from Europe and North America, are there any other territories you're targeting?

Chris: While Europe and North America are our main target markets, we also would like to see Black Prophecy distributed in other foreign markets, like the Asian market. In the end the decision, whether or not to expand to other markets, will be made by our publisher. 

MMOsite: Have we missed any important topics or is there anything else about Black Prophecy you wanna talk to our readers?

Chris: We would like to invite everyone to visit the official Black Prophecy website at to learn more about Black Prophecy and join the community in the official community forums at In the forums people from all over the world are gathering to discuss Black Prophecy, submit their ideas and suggestions and receive important information about upcoming events.

MMOsite: Thank you for doing this interview with us and wish Black Prophecy a big success!

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