Tera: New Tribes and New Classes Released!

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Summary:Korean company Hangame has released new tribes, classes and monster for the epic MMO Tera in its official site.

Korean company Hangame has released new tribes, classes and monster for the epic MMO Tera in its official site.

Formerly known as the game Project S1, Tera is a new MMORPG from Bluehole studio and published by Hangame in Korea. Hangame has announced that Tera will enter CBT or closed beta phase in the summer of 2009. English players who want to try Tera may need to wait until 2010.

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Tribes: Human and Castanic 

Human, human-type race as you can see, roving for about 2000 years under the curse for the power stolen from God long ago. They are robust, building metropolis and forming a coalition between the heterogeneous groups.

Castanic, a tribe of animal-like human will in sharp horns and long ears, small in stature, robust, strong and agile, has excellent qualities to be a warrior.


Monster: Deva

They are the axis of Dark Empire, aggressive, brutal and ruthless. Deva is a kind of differentiated tribe the same as Castanic because of the faith of Dark God.

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Classes: Gladiator and Uhlan




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