WAR RvR And WoW PvE Rockin'!

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Summary:Keen's new freelance article: I've had a lot of playtime during the Thanksgiving break thus far and I've spent it between WAR and WoW. It's time for a bit of an update/adventure log of my experiences in these two very different games.

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WAR RvR and WoW PvE rockin'!
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I've had a lot of playtime during the Thanksgiving break thus far and I've spent it between WAR and WoW.  It's time for a bit of an update/adventure log of my experiences in these two very different games.

Warhammer Online Adventure Log: WAR is finally everywhere!

Happy Fun Guyz and my Shaman have been officially moved to Dark Crag.  Many members of HFG returned to play together on our new server over the past couple of days with hopes that it would reignite our excitement for the our Destruction characters.  Most of us abadoned our characters in the T4 range when we made the switch to Phoenix Throne Order.  While we still like those characters, and some of us still play them on occasion, we've always yearned for the opportunity to continue our Destruction roots.

Dark Crag is full of players!  The T4 RvR areas have all been populated very heavily with players.  This afternoon I was in Dragonwake trying to take back our keep when we recieved word that another zerg of Destruction was planning to push Kadrin Valley and flip it into Fortress contention.  To have the numbers we had RvRing in Dragonwake AND another group large enough to begin flipping another region like that was realy cool to hear.  We had a war going, for the first time, on two fronts.

An interesting observation is that scenarios seem to be popping very slowly on Dark Crag.  This is actually a good sign because of how populated the RvR areas have become.   A buddy of mine (Teleth) pointed out that it's probably due to the low renown earned by players severel RR's higher than those they kill.  This makes players more enclined to open RvR where they can get chunks of renown.

Unfortunately, HFG has still not received its transfer level/renown.  I'm quite frustrated by this and hope that after the CSR's are back from their holiday they'll see to it everything is worked out.  This is but a blemish on the overall positive experience on Dark Crag.  With the RvR changes coming soon things should really start to look up in WAR.  I'm anxious for RvR itemization changes to go in so that I can stop having to worry about this nagging feeling in the back of my mind to PvE to gear-up.

World of Warcraft Adventure Log: Atmosphere wins

Morkeen in Hellfire

I'm up to level 64 now in WoW and making my way through the content quite nicely.  My partner in crime (Bartlebe, aka Volkmaar) and I started our experience as newbie DK's (lvl 55) and have worked our way so far through all of Hellfire Penninsula and almost all of Zangarmarsh.  We were around level 62.5 by the time we finished Hellfire and honestly weren't at all sad to see it behind us.  The overall leveling experience there was very painless but the scenery did grow a bit old... and red... and old.  The questing there was extremely generous to us and we walked away with a few gear upgrades.

More details on next page. 

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