World of LegoCraft: Lego Booty Bay!

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Summary:World of LegoCraft: Booty Bay? Yes, that's Booty Bay, constructed completely from tens of thousands of Legos...

World of LegoCraft: Booty Bay? Yes, that's Booty Bay, constructed completely from tens of thousands of Legos. It took Astrylian and Raeina, husband and wife WoW players from Eonar and long-time Lego aficionados, about a month to assemble this five-foot masterpiece. One of the most remarkable things about the whole display is that there's not a single custom built Lego piece in it. Everything was built using standard Lego pieces, such as the head of Dobby from the Harry Potter set being used as the head for the various goblin models. Even with that limitation, the scene is very well done and quite accurate. Maybe Hemingway here would say: Booty Bay is a nice place, worth fighting with her.

WoW Insider make an interview with the couple and chat about the whole project! Click here for more information.

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