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Summary:Lord of the Rings Online dev boss Jeff Steefel told that Turbine will announce console MMO "products" early next year.

Videogaming247 yesterday reported that Turbine is looking into the console development space. Lord of the Rings Online dev boss Jeff Steefel told that Turbine will announce console MMO "products" early next year. Speculation has pointed to Turbine possibly bringing its LotR game to consoles, but the developer isn't quite ready to reveal its future projects.

"We're really not talking about what our console product plans are, but we will be soon," said Lord of the Rings Online development leader Jeff Steefel. "I would guess by early next year's we'll be able to be much more specific about what we're doing with console, what kind of products we're putting on console."

"What we're doing now is the early development work and the work with the hardware manufacturers to understand where they're heading in the online space, where the connectivity between the console and internet is really headed," he continued. "That's everything from how the games really need to behave to the relationship between the hardware manufacturers and the developers to the publishing model, to the consumer business model.

" It's never been done before."

Would you want to see LotRO on a console?

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