Knight Online: Forgotten Frontiers Expansion(4/4)

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Summary:Knight Online has released the fourth also the last part of the 4 weekly stories for the new expansion Forgotten Frontiers leading up to the launch.


Gamersfirst has released the fourth and also the last part of the 4 weekly stories for Knight Online's new expansion Forgotten Frontiers leading up to the launch. Here are the details:

Expanded PVP Experience:

Death and destruction are found everywhere within the land of Carnac. The nations of El Morad and Karus, brothers of blood until the very end. Their battle has carried on through the ages and has shaped the creation of the world. They have always fought for their own reasons and their mutual hatred of each other. The discovery of new lands and treasures will surly flame the fires of hatred as each seeks a position of dominance. However, these new lands hold a curse and a darkness that threatens to overtake all the people of Carnac. Which nation will overcome the growing evil? Which nation will rise above their enemies in treasure and power? The fate of each nations lies within the power of few and they will steer the course of history.

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The castles of Oreads have been fortified and are ready to withstand the toughest of attacks. The fight to control this territory will be an exciting experience for players and will take not only the strength of your nation, but the strategic mastery of the kings of old. Each castle will be armed with the latest in siege and defensive weaponry to ward off castle invaders. Attackers will either need to tear through the front gates, or break down the castle walls to gain entry. Before players reach the opposing castle, they will have to traverse over areas with varying degrees of power over their attributes. This map was featured in World Championship competition and will change the way traditional battles were fought.

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