Rohan Online: Patch Notes [9/23/2008]

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Summary: Rohan Online has some new updates with the latest path.
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Rohan Online Patch Notes: 9/23/2008


Mock Duck Hot Springs area added to game

21 new quests added to game

All pet NPCs now sell food for pet ducks.


Dragon’s Skin - now enabled during stun mode.

Impervious Shield - now enabled during stun mode.

Silence - now only usable during PvP (prior to now it was usable against monsters, which was a bug). This info is now included in the skill description upon right clicking the skill icon. This change is being implemented in all versions of Rohan in all countries.


Dekan Dragon Sage quest - location of quest boxes now matches the quest text.

Five Guardians quests - New quest texts added (previously missing).

Fire-Spewing Stone quest - text fixed to the correct qty of items to collect.


Status Refiner / Level Refiner - map location identifiers fixed.

Friend search function - fixed.

Gold Coins awarded to Jackpot winners and deposited into their accounts.


PayByCash (including Ultimate Game Card) 15% bonus offer has ended.

Cherry Credits 10% bonus offer has ended.

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