Rohan Online: New Quests Added

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Summary: Rohan Online has added 21 new quests to the game!
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Today Rohan Online added 21 new quests to the game! See below for a list of them, where you can start them, and the required level (in parentheses):

& See Lumienne at Bothan Penitentiary for these new quests:

Items That Bring in Cash (30)
Deadly Knights Reborn (31)
Revealing Clues (32)
Arrest the Deadly Knights (33)
Retrieve the Deadly Knights Item (34)
Fearful Lights (35)
Last Counterattack (36)
Bloodstained Cells (38)

& See Kozumi at Caronia#DY#s Tomb for these new quests:

Investigate the Abandoned Penitentiary (37)
Merchants Plea (39)
Those That Disrupt the Tomb (46)
Ingredients needed for Purification (47)
Investigation of the Abandoned Tower (48)
Dead End for the Pillager (49)
Retrieve the Stolen Relics (50)

& See Rufus in the Hushed Forest for these new quests:

Threatening Gang (40)
Clear Conclusion (41)
Peace on the Ruined Bindstone (42)
Prevent the Sinister Magic (43)
Identify the Weakness (44)
Destroy the Source of Black Magic (45)

Happy Questing ^^

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