Mature Rated Game and Kids Debate

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Summary:The website of Gaming Nexus has released an article concerned with the mature rated videogames and minors by a mother of four kids. In her opinions, not every M rated game is bad for children.

The website of Gaming Nexus has released an article concerned with the mature rated videogames and minors by a mother of four kids. In her opinions, not every M rated game is bad for children.

The details are as below:

I#DY#m a mother of four with two tween girls. I consider myself a good parent although many members of the media and political pundits may not agree. You see, I exercise my right to decide which videogames my kids are allowed to play with impunity. Some of the games in question have been labeled M for mature.

Yes I let my daughters get online and play Halo 3 in a private session with their friends in my own home under my own supervision. I just about die laughing watching them button smash each other on Soul Calibur IV and they love Rumble Roses which got an M for scantily clad ladies and good breast physics. They also play Guild Wars with my husband and I.


Every parent should have a different set of standards they judge games by to decide what#DY#s appropriate for their children. Those standards should be tailored to each individual child as even kids of the same age can be vastly different. For instance, when it comes to games with online multiplayer like Halo, we have to be very cautious with our oldest daughter and monitor who she plays with. She has no grasp of Internet security and what information not to give out on social networking sites or while in online multiplayer. I think she and most kids her age need to see Bender#DY#s Big Score. Actually I personally think that it should be required viewing for everyone but that#DY#s another subject. Her sister who is younger by two and a half years has no problem of grasping the concept of playing it safe on the Internet. I would sooner let her play online by herself than her big sister.


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