Blizzard Responds to Diablo III Fan Petition

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Summary:The website of MTV Multiplayer released an interview focus on why the team chose to do go with the new, brighter color palette versus the older games#DY# dark, desaturated look.

Several days ago, we have reported that lots of fans signed on to complain about the Diablo III#DY#s art direction. In their opinions, the vivid colors in Diablo III is a crying shame, it looks like World of Warcraft rather than Diablo series.

"Outside scenarios with vivid colors, beautiful forests with colorful vegetation, shinny and beautiful waterfalls where even rainbows take place." They said.

Now, the lead Diablo III designer Jay Wilson has responded to petition. The website of MTV Multiplayer released an interview focus on "why the team chose to do go with the new, brighter color palette versus the older games#DY# dark, desaturated look."

MTV Multiplayer: Just to be clear, are we going to see a lot more rainbows during the game?

Wilson: [laughs] After the announcement, one of our environment artists went to the darkest area in Act One and put a giant rainbow across the whole area. No, you#DY#re probably not going to see a ton of rainbows. But we don#DY#t think the one that#DY#s in there is that big a deal. You know it#DY#s like, it#DY#s a waterfall. My favorite [criticism] is the one that analyzed the light refraction angle, and told us why from that angle seeing a rainbow would actually be impossible. Oh yeah, and it was upside down because the colors were reversed. And we#DY#re like, "This is a whole different world than ours! Who#DY#s to say that light refracts the same in the Diablo world?" [laughs]

We don#DY#t think it#DY#s that big a deal; we just think it adds a lot of interest to that scene. We don#DY#t have specific plans to fill "Diablo" with rainbows. It#DY#s not like we restarted the project and were like "Diablo III, now with rainbows!" Although I will say the pitch that I originally did, once we decided what we were going to do, said "Diablo III, now with pants." Because we added a pants slot.

MTV Multiplayer: So you ultimately decided to change the art direction only after play-testing the game?

Wilson: Yes. Because this is how we remember what "Diablo II" was like as well. This is what we were thinking what "Diablo II" looks like. And then we played through, and we were like this isn#DY#t very fun. And then we started going, "Why was #DY#Diablo II#DY# so much more fun?" And some of the Blizzard North guys [the team that made #DY#Diablo I#DY# and #DY#II#DY#] knew why right away. They were like, "Well, because we didn#DY#t make all the areas like this." And if you think about even the areas they did, the creatures were really bright. Like in the gray and dark dungeons, those are the places that you run into the ghosts who were almost like glowing brightness, and that was so that they would stand out from the backgrounds.

Recommend to read full interview Here.

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