E3: Exclusive Recap
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Summary: Microsoft unveiled news, trailers, and demos of some of the most highly anticipated games of 08/09. They showed off the gameplay of Fallout 3 which looks amazing.

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E3 Day #1 Recap. 
I apologize for the lateness, it#DY#s been a long day. The next few days will be posted a lot earlier, but some conferences might be missing due to my schedule.

Alright, for those of you who didn#DY#t watch the video stream earlier today because you were either working or just didn#DY#t have the time to watch it, I will do a short, non-biased recap of the day.

Today was all about Microsoft. At 10:00 a.m. PT, the pre-show began, with general coverage and rumors of what Microsoft was going to be unveiling during the press conference, which began at 10:30 a.m. PT.

Microsoft unveiled news, trailers, and demos of some of the most highly anticipated games of 08/09. They showed off the gameplay of Fallout 3 which looks amazing. You can either play in real time or use a strategic aiming system in order to pin-point your target. They showed off a sniper rifle weapon, a machine-disabling grenade, and a mini nuclear-bomb launcher. The game showed a lot of interesting features such as the ability to really decide what you want to do. There are tons of groups you can join, the one they touched on in the teaser was a group that had taken over the Pentagon. They also confirmed downloadable content for the game.

They also showed of a demo of Fable 2 after showing the beginning of the trailer, where it shows how you start out as a child, either male or female, and advance from there. Not much was shown in the teaser, which is a shame since we all wanted to see more, but what they did show us was great. In the game the world is crafted around how you play, not just how your character looks. You can get married, go to a bar and get drunk, or just pick on the townspeople. All of this effects the town you live in, but the cool part is that now your friends can come into your own world and interact with it and change it as well, such as flirting with your wife. A purple orb will show in your game when your friends are online. Each one represents one of your friends and shows where they are, but using the orb you can easily summon your friend to join your game.

Can#DY#t forget the big one, Gears of War 2. I must say, the gameplay looks amazing. The weapon selection, being able to use your enemy as a meatshield, it all comes together great and created my personal favorite teaser of the day. Basically, think of everything you loved from Gears of War 1 and multiply it by five, and you#DY#ve got Gears of War 2. New, bigger, more badass weapons along with new more badass features and improved graphics create a game that no 360 gamer can resist.

Next, we saw Resident Evil 5. This was one of the most anticipated games by a lot of big-time critics, and with good reason. Besides great gameplay, amazing graphics, and a great storyline, the game had an amazing co-op feature where the two players really needed to work together. This was shown by one person getting locked into a house, where one player had to shoot the lock from the outside so the other person could kick the door down from the inside. This game looks like such an improvement, and they left the teaser with an improved boss familiar from RE4 that looked so much more badass. The graphics are a huge improvement from the Wii, and this looks like a definite title to have for anyone who liked previous games in the series, or those who have yet to try it.

Now, they unveiled a new dashboard. Along with the new dashboard, they released a new update of avatars. You can now create your own character that will represent you by choosing from hundreds of different clothes that are released the same way real clothes are released at a shop. Thousands of pieces of content will be available and won#DY#t end. So now, you won#DY#t see a list of your friends online, you#DY#ll see all of their avatars on your dashboard.

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