MMOsite Biweekly Star--Interview with Strawhat

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Summary:It#DY#s MMOsite Biweekly Star time! After our MMOsite#DY#s third year anniversary event, now the second MMOsite Biweekly Star is out! Strawhat, voted by MMOsite members and editors, is awarded the MMOsite Elite Moderator. Now, let#DY#s get to know this lucky guy better through this interview.

It#DY#s MMOsite Biweekly Star time! After our MMOsite#DY#s third year anniversary event, now the second MMOsite Biweekly Star is out! Strawhat, voted by MMOsite members and editors, is awarded the MMOsite Elite Moderator. Now, let#DY#s get to know this lucky guy better through this interview.



MMOsite: Hi, Strawhat, glad to have a chance to do an interview with you. First, congratulations you#DY#ve been awarded MMOsite Elite Moderator in MMOsite Biweekly Star Event. How do you feel about it?


Strawhat: Haha, I feel really great and surprise at the same time. It#DY#s good to know that things you do actually benefited the community, which encourage all of us to give more to the site since I gave us so much.


MMOsite:  How did you come to know MMOsite Forum? When did you start your role as a MMOsite forum moderator? How do you understand the role and do you enjoy it?


Strawhat: Well I started off like most MMOsite members, as a regular memeber browsing through the forum using the resources that MMOsite has made available to us. Then I saw that the Cabal Section has been really active and a recruit post was made, since I was into that game at that time I applied, and here I am.


MMOsite: Do you have any unforgettable experience or moving stories in MMOsite? Does the role of moderator give you a great sense of accomplishment?


Strawhat: Hmm... I joined MMOsite I think Nov 06 (Wow can#DY#t believe it#DY#s been that long already), most momeries on MMOsite has been unforgettable moments, I mean everyone on the forum would act like one big family and everyone gets along with each other, we would help each other if there are questions give tips if you are having trouble, the community as are whole is unforgettable and ofcourse being part of the community not just a MMOsite moderator but also a memeber of the big family gives me a great sense of accomplishment.





MMOsite: You#DY#re moderating at least 6 subforums. Do you think that is a Herculean task?  Do you have any tips of being a good moderator?


Strawhat: Well, its not that of a big task because there are always other staffs which would help you as well, and if you visit that forum regularly it is actually quite easy to manage it. Hmm tips, this is not really count as a tip but if you stay active, so that you don#DY#t leave alot of duties to be done at once it would general make things alot easier to manage.


MMOsite: Does the moderator job affect your daily life? And how do you keep a balance between them?


Strawhat: More or less, it does affect a little but generally i would access MMOsite through uni during lecture breaks, which is free time anyway.


MMOsite: Strawhat, do you mind if I ask you some personal questions? What kind of person are you in real life? Can you briefly describe yourself to satisfy our curiosity?


Strawhat: Lol, wow this is a hard question, it#DY#s hard to describe yourself really since your version of yourself seems always differ from everyone else. I#DY#m a very forgetful person, I been loosing stuff at Uni all the time(Ryobu your tips ain#DY#t working >.< HAHa), I spend most of my time infront of computers since computers are my area of study, beta testing one game after another (fell in love with beta testing since i joined MMOsite), when im not on computer i would be out with my friend doing crazy stuff...(literally crazy stuff, but can#DY#t go in detail sorry xD).


MMOsite: How do you spend your leisure time? Besides playing the games, of course.


Strawhat: Hmmm, there are alot of things to go besides games, sometimes i would read books, sketching, watch anime, reading manga, coding, clubbing, playing pool, basketball and all sort of sports. There is really alot alot of things to see and do beside playing games.


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