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Summary: The first interview of our GW trailer contest creator was held at 18:30PDT, 19th June on our official forum. The great creator of this video, Tyler711 and some of his guild members came to the interview and we had a very good time.
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The first interview of our GW trailer contest creator was held at 18:30PDT, 19th June on our official forum. The great creator of this video, Tyler711 and some of his guild members came to the interview and we had a very good time. Now we would like to share the interview transcript with you.

Tyler711 is the leader of the Guild Mutilation on the Eternity Server. He comes from the US and had played Conquer Online for 5 years. There are over 400 members in his guild. Tyler711#DY#s video has had nearly 30,000 viewers so far and you can also visit to see his video,

Q-Question           T-Tyler711

Q: The background music is really cool, can you tell me why you chose it?
T: The first song I just liked it, as for the 2nd song it more gives a reason behind our thinking we never give up. The others are more basic to the whole point were killing things and the last song is more for the laugh.

Q: Which software did you use to make this video?
T: Well for all my other videos and to learn I used windows movie maker. It is simple and best for new people however it does not have as many features. Honestly I never used fraps I use gamecam.

Q: What made you decide to add your guild members#DY# pictures to the video?
T: I#DY#d like to introduce my guild members in my guild war trailer. Honestly it was not my idea, it was a member#DY#s. I asked around for ideas and I thought it was a great idea. Zoey, originally gave me the idea I had thought about adding members#DY# pictures but I did not know how much support I would get with it so I dismissed the idea at first but later Zoey changed my mind.

Q: Do you enjoy GW? How did you feel about it?
T: Well I do like GW however macdonian people are the majority of the people on our server and they team up which makes it near to impossible to win GW.

Q: When did you set up your guild? There are more than 400 members in your guild, can you tell us about 1 or 2 members who impress you?
T: That is hard I have 3 that impressed me.
Schnider - always tries his hardest best motivated person I have ever worked with.
Originsword - stubborn as a mule when it comes to his lvling
metalhead77 - loyalist member ever had

Q: The ending of the video is so funny, where did you get the idea from? The music matched the ending very well.
T: The ending was in a previous video I made. The idea came from a YouTube video i watched a long time ago where someone did parodies of videos using games the whole parody video is under my YouTube channel as well

Q: Finally, do you have anything else to say to our players who are also making trailers?
T: Well honestly even if I lose that is fine. I will keep making more because I think it is fun basically creativity is key when making them. Content is more important than flashy effects my favorite video out of them all arise one where he dies constantly to me he worked very hard on it and if I lost to him I would not be angry where as blue birds video is flashy but in the end is not very good in my opinion

Thanks to Tyler711 to take so much time on this interview and also thanks to those who joined with us for 2 hours. Please do not forget to keep an eye on our GW Trailers contest. We are looking forward to seeing more great videos!

Please also visit our forum for more details.

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