Design Your Ideal MMO Part IV

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Summary:I#DY#ve asked you about graphics vs. gameplay, PvP, and character progression. In Part IV I want you to focus on two things. First, what type of PvE do you want in your end-game?

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Design your ideal MMO Part IV
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I#DY#ve asked you about graphics vs. gameplay, PvP, and character progression. In Part IV I want you to focus on two things. First, what type of PvE do you want in your end-game? Second, where will the best gear in your game come from? This is really important to think about before answering quickly because it determines a lot about your game. Keep in mind while answering these questions that you also need to decide how important gear is in your game, does it make a huge difference who has the better weapon? Look at the following and see if any of these match your style and if not feel free to comment about what would:

1. Raids, raids, and more raids! Raiding is the "end-game" PvE and gives the best loot.

2. Single group content (6-man, etc). No raids in this game.

3. Crafting makes the best gear. PvE content is for "fun".

4. Raiding, 6-man, and Crafting all provide equal loot opportunities.

5. Curve ball! My ideal game is a PvP game and the best gear comes from PvP! Any PvE is strictly for adventure.

6. Loot? My game has no loot.

7. Other (please explain!)

This used to a tough one for me. There was a time, about four years ago, that I would have sided with the raiders and said "raiding deserves the best loot!" while flashing my hardcore gamer membership card. When I opened my eyes and realized how ridiculous raiding treadmills really are, it became clear to me that there needs to be alternatives. Sticking with my answers from previous parts in this blog series, my ideal MMO is a pvp game with progression equally spread between PvE and PvP. I really feel that raiding, as it#DY#s been done in WoW, is not what I want in a mmorpg anymore.

Since my game is a PvP game, I think that ultimately the best gear should come from PvP. However, PvE should offer gear nearly as good and allow for those who PvE to be competitive in PvP. Allowing those who only PvE to enter the PvP scene and be competitive with items is perfectly fine because PvP has another means of determining who is "better" and that#DY#s with a system like Realm Ranks in DAoC. Those who PvP with their time will naturally rank up and gain access to abilities that will set them apart in PvP far more than any item they find in a dungeon. The gist of what I#DY#m trying to say here is that gear is not all that important in my ideal mmorpg. I want to worry about my enemies experience in combat, and not that axe on his back.

Again, I#DY#m all about options, opportunities, and choices. I don#DY#t want "raiding" in my game but I think "raids" are a fantastic opportunity for developers to present single epic encounters that are fun and challenging for a larger group of players. The act of "raiding" and the event of a "raid" are two entirely separate things. Raids would be few and far between and only attempted for the sake of killing a Boss (maybe for something like a Tome unlock, a title, a cosmetic change, etc) and be more for bragging rights than for set items. I like killing big dragons with lots of people. I enjoy zerging enormous demons and watching them lay waste to everyone. The reason behind doing it though makes all the difference in the world.

So, what say you?

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