Patch 2797 Is Released On May 07

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Summary: Zero Official announces the release of patch 2797. With this patch, you can enjoy the new features and changes.
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Zero Official announces the release of patch 2797. With this patch, you can enjoy the new features and changes as below:

New Features

Sale Forbidden

The 3 most precious gears and cores in the cabin and inner cabin of your unit and ARMs are not allowed to discarded, sold in the booth or to the NPCs.

To Be A Merchant

As a Merchant, the best 3 gears and 3 cores in the cabin and inner cabin of your unit and ARMs will not be protected by the system. Moreover, you don#DY#t have to apply to sell precious items.

My Favorites

By AutoPilot system, you can be sent to any places you would like to go to automatically. Now, you can add these places to My Favourites, which will make it much more convenient. 


Swap Red Stars For EXP

The level 180-184 units can swap 2 Red Stars for 2.5% EXP.

Squad Battle

Squads of different levels will obtain different prizes. The higher the squad level is, the more prizes it will be.


The self-explosive program does not work for the black or purple-named players.


The level 1-10 player is only allowed to send one message per minute in the market.

Fixed Bugs

R&D Center

Sometimes the amount of killed monsters did not correctly display after the spacecraft missions.

Artillery Skills

Sometimes players might get disconnected when using Artillery Skills.

EXP Recorders

1. Super EXP Recorders could not be used if EXP Recorders had been used for 10 times.
2. After pilot rank reached level 15, you were unable to use the EXP Recorders could not be used.


The name of the 6th apprentices did not display correctly.

If the auto-patching does not work for you, please download and install the manual patches to update your client to the latest version.

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