Square-Enix New MMORPG (Code:Rapture) Images Released!

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Summary: It#DY#s know that Square-Enix is developing a new MMORPG long time ago, today we finally got some new images which are are probably coming from the development team.
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It#DY#s know that Square-Enix is developing a new MMORPG long time ago, today we finally got some new images which are are probably coming from the development team.

The logo at the bottomleft of the images shows that they are using their new "Crystal Tool" to develop this game. And the rabbit-like person tells us the world is probably based on IVALICE, which was the main stage of Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

There is no need fro Final Fantasy XI players to worry because Square-Enix has repeatly claimed that they have no intention to stop launching or upgrading FFXI even though they have this new MMORPG planned.


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